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@DillonWerner said:

@one_2nd: Can I join?

of course!

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I'm starting a new club. Need legendary players who are active, all positions. If you're interested, message me on xbl. Gt-One 2nd

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I just read through the first page of comments and I've gotta say, I'm very impressed, GB. Any other forum and this topic would've been chaos.

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I almost accidentally hit MW3 instead of Skyrim.. LOL

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@ethan said:

I work with Brad. So yes, that's her.

BAM..there you go 
haters gonna hate, op
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I'm an amazing C/RW. I also have a friend who is any forward position. He's also really fucking good too. I was in the top 2000 skaters for 09, 10, and 11.
I actually made this thread last year. Only got like 4/5 people out of it and they barely played. Hopefully this turns out much better. Looking forward to reppin' GB!
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I like it much more than FB, but no one has it yet so it's boring. My feed has been pretty much the same since I created an account..

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Definitely not. Borderlands is not even similar to TES. 

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it's only $10 more than the other wireless headset. looks really cool and sleek too. If i didn't have a TB i'd be all over that shit. 

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@Mumrik said:
This is being reported all over the place but I really can't help feeling that it's kind of non-news. No guys, it really isn't that big of a deal.
Ikr, someone said in the forums that they already paid in full for the game on Steam. Obviously it was gonna be there..