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@rongalaxy: I'm in the same boat. I didn't play the first Hotline Miami until it came to PS Plus and I loved it so much that I vowed that I would pay for the sequel. Even though I'm sure it will be free at some point I want those duders to have my money.

In addition I'm looking forward to playing Valiant Hearts on PS4. I had tried it on iOS and the control scheme just didn't jive with me.

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So you're stuck in the geometry somewhere? Have you tried using an explosive to essentially knock yourself back a few feet?

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God bless this site.

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@impartialgecko: Certainly not necessary, but it made crating the third level items very quick and easy for me.

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@bargainben: There is a skill to reduce fall damage. It's called Soft Landing. Tiger side, bottom row.

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Just a little tip for those interested. I found that hunting is made incredibly easy by riding an elephant. The large predators (tigers, leopards, and bears) don't attack the elephant and don't run that far away every time you put an arrow in them.

This allows you to toss out some bait and pick them off with your bow from a safe and elevated position while getting clean kills (2X the skins).

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I killed my first rhino today and felt terrible and those guys are dicks in real life. Please tell me I don't have to kill any elephants to do any of the crating.

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@mosespippy: @mooseymcman: In fact there was an achievement for doing so.

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Hey duders - let's fill out our friends list for a little Co-Op outpost mayhem.

BigEOneAndOnly - Central time Zone

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I've played just over 2 hours and haven't noticed any hitches.