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PS4 - BigEOneAndOnly - Central Time Zone USA

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I found myself screwed by this just last night. I made it up to the Space Needle mission on my second playthrough and realized I was still on Normal difficulty. I looked it up on PS3Trophies and it was pretty clear that it was too late to switch, had to start over.

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Hell yes


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I played the previous inFamous games as an evil dick so I'm doing the same here. It really seems to fit Delsin's general rebellious attitude.

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Some of those islands have the boats that immediately take you back to the ship so you don't have to swim back, but most don't.

You might try to plan it out so you're utilizing the fast travel system, but generally speaking this is why I didn't bother with those.

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@flippyandnod: The Android version of the companion app actually saves them locally on your device and then you can play them from there.

Here's Roll Boys Roll and Way Me Susianah.

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I have no idea which ones I've collected from where, but it would be nice to mute certain shanties from your "playlist."

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Don't forget the Templar Hunt missions, which add a lot of side story. Also a lot of the scenarios using the diving bell Create some fun and different stealth and combat situations.

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@veektarius: Yeah I was surprised the first time it gave me a treasure map.

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To me it's Journey, hands down. Austin Wintory's soundtrack IS the game as far as I'm concerned.

Also anything Jesper Kyd does as fantastic, but Assassin’s Creed II was truly phenomenal.