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Ok, so this is a really weird one and I'm hoping someone else is having a similar issue, however minute the chance!

The PS4 Youtube app will not play anything from the GiantBomb or Gamespot youtube channels that I'm subscribed too. What makes it stranger still is if I manually search for the same video, Far Cry 4 QL for example, it will play fine. But if I click the video from the list of my subscribed channels it states "Your account couldn't be accessed. Please sign in again or choose another account". It then proceeds to completely sign me out. Again, this ONLY happens with GiantBomb and Gamespot videos and doesn't happen on any of my 15 or so other subscribed to channels.

Also, this only happens on my PS4 and not on any other device that has youtube access.

Anyone experiencing this or have any idea what is going on?! Do we need to follow the chem trails all the way to the money?

EDIT: I've moved this to the Bug Report forum as it's probably a better place for it; originally it was on Playstation 4. I know this isn't a specific issue with the site, so if the mod's would rather I remove it, then just let me know :)

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I hope to god English is your 5th or 6th language, otherwise....fuck.

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UK here.

PSN: One-Fr33man_

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UK here and definitely up for some Factions.

PSN: One-Fr33man_

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It's just gone 5am here in the UK during our entirely uncalled for and damn right inconvenient 'mini-heatwave' which has rendered the country inhospitable.

This spotlight is greatly appreciated and is fine alternative to sleep. Thanks ZombiePie!

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Just watching the Far Cry 3 / Syndicate TNT from June 2012 and jesus fucking christ I miss Ryan. Just had to come here and say that.

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@svenzon said:

Does completing my bachelor's thesis count? Did that a few weeks ago, and I can't remember ever feeling proud of myself before that.

It said mundane achievement, not the hardest thing you've achieved in your life so far!

But congrats nonetheless!

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Pretty pleased with that.

Gender: Male. Age: 29.

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@feckhead: Odd because I've worked with two Irish Dohertys in my life and they both pronounced it like I said. Maybe it's a Northern / Southern thing?

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Doherty is an awesome Irish surname. Oh and it's pronounced Dock-erty by the Irish.