First post

So, just mopping up GB quests.

Finished Uncharted 1 the other day. I don't really like what I played. I pretty much just picked up the series because I saw it on Amazon for like 40 bucks altogether. Started into the second game and within the first 30 minutes, it was leaps and bounds ahead of Drake's 1. Man... you can instantly see where they learned and what they made changes to. Shit got real in Uncharted 2. I know I'm just rehashing things that have probably been said, ad nasuem, but fuck blog right?

Re-Played through the Mass Effect series to "gear up" for playing through ME3. I am about 30 hours or so into that game. I checked out a guide for where I was in the story and it seems I'm only about half-way through. Now I get that I've spent a good amount of time walking around and collecting those "eavesdropping" quests, and flying around in random star-systems. But, so far, there's only one "town" and its so damn obvious there is such limited geography, I just stopped caring about the story. Yeah everyone I've saved or has lived thus far shows up, and they are the only ones who seem to notice that the universe is being conquered, but I've gotten to a point that "I DON'T CARE!" Who gives a shit!

If there were more than a few corridors to walk through on any given planet, maybe they would give a shit to save them.