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He's like the real life equivalent of Charlie Kelly. Except he can actually read and write. Though I'm not even sure if that much is true.

I think you hit the nail on the head.

Yeah, like it took me a little bit to figure it out, but then everything suddenly lined up. The way he hasn't tried common, normal foods; the way he just says shit that literally no one else would ever say or think, right down to the inflection in his voice when he says it; the way his radically ill-informed views have skewed his perception of the world to a hilarious degree, and all of his bizarre little stories about his all makes so much sense now! I'm totally convinced he is the best possible thing that could've happened to this site at this moment in time.

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This is great. You never know what kind of batshit insane shit will fall out of his mouth every time he opens it. I finally just listened to the rest of last week's Bombcast, and I couldn't fucking believe his glasses story. Like...dude. He's like the real life equivalent of Charlie Kelly. Except he can actually read and write. Though I'm not even sure if that much is true.

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@turbo_toaster: Ha, there's like a thousand percent certainty that I'll never ever do one, but I'll be sure to let you know if that somehow changes!

It'd be easier if they just made Borderlands-branded Nerf guns in the first place...

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Holy hell, these are amazing. Very nice work! I've thought about doing this for years, but lack every physical and mental aspect required to get it done. But've got some skill!

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This has me excited. VERY excited. My love of SH combined with my love of del Toro further combined with the badassery of Norman Reedus sounds incredibly promising.

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I guess. I befriended the drummer of one of my favorite bands years ago from gaming with him. I told him about L4D before it came out, and we both got it and played it about 4 or 5 nights a week for a year until L4D2 came out, when we proceeded to do the same, though that eventually became less and less until we stopped. Sucks that it had to end, but those are probably my best gaming memories I have. He's a real solid guy, too. Don't talk to him too often anymore, but we talked about all sorts of shit, and he had some great stories to tell from being on the road.

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This is beyond awful. I can't even believe it. He was a fucking genius, man...way too soon. RIP Mr. Williams.

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I might? I've never been interested enough in actually playing them myself, mostly because all the bits of the lore that I absorbed over the years sounded convoluted and insane enough to keep me away, but I'd totally watch someone as entertaining as Dan and Drew play through them.

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Hell yes, I do.

I own over 450, in fact, and that collection is always growing. Although I have run out of space on these shelves...I need to buy a new one! I take pride in my collection. I don't buy digital unless it's the only way to get the album, or if the cost of importing a CD is too outrageous. I don't care if it's more convenient...there's nothing exciting about downloading a tune. I like going to the store, unwrapping the case, and discovering what's inside by blasting it in my car on the way home. I like having the physical product and I like having the artwork. It feels more legitimate. I can't take a downloaded album to a show and get it signed by my favorite band.

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I gave it a shot for 20 or 30 minutes, but it just didn't grab me. An interesting mix of mechanics for sure, but it also seemed incredibly dull, and as @wallee321 said, the rogue-like elements don't seem to fit in a game like this. I definitely wouldn't want to get far into the game, fuck up, and then have to solve a bunch of puzzles again. Furthermore, the basic puzzle-solving mechanics didn't feel fun or satisfying in the little bit I played. I'm sure some people will enjoy this. I am not one of them.