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I don't care how good he is. Lebron is a bitch, so I'll hate him no matter where he goes. Though it is nice for him to return to the Cavs, I'm sure he'll do them some much-needed good.

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This project couldn't sound any less interesting to me. Unless, of course, they manage to get Martin Lawrence's likeness, then I'm totally on board.

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@tekzero said:

Instantly thought of Bioshock. Lighthouses, undersea areas.. above the clouds themed rides...

First thing I thought of, too. Imagine a skyhook ride that relied on you hanging out for dear life.

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I've already seen Deliver Us From Evil. It's not very good.

I'm really looking forward to Planet of the Apes, especially after seeing the reviews it's getting. The first one was a huge surprise for me since I wasn't expecting that much, and hearing that this is even better in every way has me very excited.

Sex Tape looks bad, and Hercules...I dunno about that one. I love The Rock, but I honestly think it looks pretty lame.

Lucy looks like it has a lot of promise. Scarlett Johansson is obviously smoking hot, and Luc Besson is a genius, especially when it comes to some of his directorial affairs. Really looking forward to it and I'm crossing my fingers that it's as good as I want it to be.

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I've payed full price for Soldier of Fortune: Payback, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and Resident Evil 6, as well as Operation: Raccoon City (though I undoubtedly had more fun with ORC). Brink was also colossally disappointing. I was so hyped for that and it turned out to be a pile of shit.

I should mention that I payed $100 for the Duke Nukem Forever Collector's Edition and I don't regret a goddamned thing.

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Deliver Us From Evil

I was hoping this would end up being more than just another demonic possession/exorcism movie. It has some good moments and creepy scenes, and a really solid performance from Eric Bana, but by the end, it turns out that it's really similar to almost every other movie in the genre, which I already find boring to begin with. I'll give credit to the director, at least, because he chose some really cool shots for certain scenes that gave the movie more personality than it otherwise would have. Also, Joel McHale, while good in his part, feels really out-of-place. His humor just doesn't feel right in a movie with such a dark tone. Regardless of the "true" element of the film, it's decent at what it's trying to do, but it simply doesn't do enough to stand apart from the pack.


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I mean, relative to other stores that are actually normal, yes, your Walmart is crazy. But compared to other Walmarts, this is par for the course. I remember going there a couple of years ago and still seeing Call of Duty 2 and Soldier of Fortune Payback selling for full price. THE FULL $60 FOR SOF PAYBACK. IN 2012. Walmart is fucking stupid, make no mistake.

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Vinny and Jeff playing co-op on the Motorbike QL is maybe the most sustained, hard, genuine laughter I've heard come from him.

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That was beautiful, Patrick. Really made me choke up. Thanks for having the strength to put these thoughts into words, and for still trusting what is mostly a fantastic community with reading this. Remind me to give you a big ol' hug at the next Chicago meetup.

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Beautiful words, duder. Ryan was an amazing person, and I will never forget the countless hours of laughter and comfort he brought me, especially when I was at rock bottom. He and the rest of the GB crew kept me sane for awhile, and that's invaluable to me.

Rest in peace, Ryan. We still miss you every day!