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The New Order is a near-perfect marrying of old school and modern shooter design 0

The Wolfenstein series has gone through a weird trajectory over it's lifetime. Despite existing in it's known form as the premier first-person shooter franchise for 22 years, it's only just now getting its fourth proper entry. Coming cold off the heels of Raven's 2009 Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein: The New Order marks not only MachineGames' debut title as a collective, but quickest sequel the series has ever gotten.Three games of going after this guy and BJ still can't catch a break.Because of Wolfen...

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Double Helix has breathed new life into the seldom-seen but much-loved Strider franchise 0

The general nature of classic franchise reboots is dubious at best, or a total disaster at worst. There's a wrong way to do them, and there's the right-and some might say safer-way. Luckily Double Helix's take on Strider falls well into the latter camp. The blazing-fast action of the originals made it an enticing candidate, one that happened to translate pretty well into a modern game. New ground isn't tread in the 2014 Strider, but it pulls almost everything off with such style and grace that ...

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Knack is a simple, stripped-down platformer. Sadly it was stripped of the semblance of being good game. 0

It's unfortunate that the 3D-platforming genre has fallen by the wayside over the last generation. Obviously Nintendo has been going strong in that department, and every now and then a new Ratchet and Clank game drops, but the last 8 years weren't as welcoming to new additions as the PS2/Gamecube era. But now we have Knack, joining the great pantheon of console launch platformers by being the PS4's premiere platformer. It's the directorial project from industry veteran Mark Cerny, who had a hand...

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Last Light makes a few much-needed improvments over its predecessor while maintaining what it already does best. 0

Despite its numerous flaws and shortcomings, Metro 2033 is a game that resonated deeply with me. Its rich atmosphere and convincing, lived-in environment pulled me into the experience like nothing else has. The tunnels teeming with giant mutated rats, the cobbled together equipment, and the air of a community stricken by hopelessness lent it a real identity few games manage to fully grasp. Metro: Last Light manages to recapture every ounce of personality that its predecessor had, and then some. ...

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Pleasure In Payne 0

What do you get when you mix dual-wielding, slow motion, mountains of dead criminals, and an excessive amount of pills and booze? You wouldn't be too far off if you guessed "one hell of a Friday night", but it's actually Max Payne. All of these crucial ingredients play an important part in Max Payne 3, Rockstar's first stab at the third-person shooter series, and the first Max Payne title in nine years. One may argue that the New York setting is also completely vital to the franchise, and upon t...

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