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Some people so ready to pounce on a little mistake, end up with some great swings and misses.

From what I understand by some people on Twitter, is that you have to download the uninstalled version, transfer it to your Vita, then install it.

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I am really digging Kanji, those grabs... those grabs. Nothing beats a Yu trying to bulldog, then getting scooped, then shocked. Also Kanji's lightning (I think his D) is good for keeping zoners in check.

I want to learn Chie as a backup and possibly Labby or Naoto, but it is gonna take time to get used to her gun tricks.

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Although they have been relegated to Kinect stuff, I would expect on the next system, Rare is gonna get a bone and a chance to make a real game.

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I first saw the game, and didn't think furry or anything, then everyone started screaming it (not everyone, but a vocal minority), and I started to see, then I started PLAYING it, and I love it. It's a great game, it is a shame some people are gonna miss out on a legit great game experience over nothing.

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System: PS3 (USA)

PSN: OneManX

Skill Level: Beginner, but I'm learning stuff

Time: EST

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I dont have much to say, but if you get clipped and I'm pressing A... I'm mashing. Sorry if you hate it, but if I catch you slipping, I'm mashing.

That is how I feel when playing randoms, when playing with friends or against my roommate, I take it easy and try out stuff online, but against random, I'm all cheese.

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So... am I a jerk for saying, that if her story mode was gonna be all story... should of it just been animated. There were alot of cool scene reading it, that would of been awesome animated.

I dug her story, but it kinda just takes the wind out of the sails for a fighting game.

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Costume packs. And I guess some of the Persona 3 dudes?

I could also go for more soundtrack.

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Because that jacket is so fly.

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Yeah why not? Silent Hill, to me, has just fallen off, almost every game after 3 has been met with mixed reactions, at best.

Say what you will about Kojima, dude makes HIS game and you have to respect that.