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I'd better get my order in now before they all go!

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Rocksmith for me, spent soo much time and or monies on that.

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I'm adding everyone here..

Mine is 0147 - 0253 - 3229 Get that town built!

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Is there a GB army? I'm in the EU so i'd assume that means we're separate.

I'm really enjoying myself at the moment. but i think without group or two progression is going to be sloooow.

I've managed to get hooked, but hit a bit of a wall without any other regular players to do melding pockets and group thumping. So if anyone wants to group up feel free to add me in game.

player name in onikagei.

Hopefully see some bombers in game.

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"essentially tossed off in the hopes that fan response would turn back in Microsoft's favor" Has hilarious double meaning in the UK vernacular.

Also great article, watching this whole thing pan out has been a real eye opener onto some of the wrangling that goes on.

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I'm a couple of hours in, definitely getting more complicated now, having to manage survivors tiredness levels and complete missions before they expire.

good so far but the combat is terrible. not unbearable with NPC followers but frustrating when on your own and get grappled.

I think with a bit more time and understanding of how it all works it could be really good. Worth the money either way to be fair.

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Steam: onikagei

Location: UK

Experience: few games under my belt. know my way around a match. but not a lot of experience

Favorite Hero: EIther lifestealer or omniknight. got into clinkz as well.

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I smoked for 11 years, quit a couple of years ago. still miss smoking after a meal... but I dont miss not standing around in the snow in the winter when i'm at work. *edited for horrific spelling*

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