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From the poll results appears as though 1 in 3 people is a terrible monster.

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I had maybe 10-15 during the heady days of the loot cave, but since then not so much.

I've had purples from pvp, and strikes and patrols.

I seem to have more drop now I'm a higher level than when i was around the 23-25. but it's still not very common.

At least when you do get your drop you will not be getting blues.. that Cryptarch Jerk owes me, big time.

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Would definitely be up for trying the raid out on my Titan, he's sat at 28 with nothing but farming ahead at the moment.

if anyone does want take the initiative and gather enough Duders to do another run let me know.

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@sterling said:

Anyone know how to grind the ascension materials? As in the one actually named ascension.

you get them from Raids and sometimes from destroying the Legendary items and I managed to get 2 out of a purple engram

I got full purple armor so i need about 18 per piece which means that will never happen with the crappy legendary drop rate

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I'd assumed (probably due to lots of mmo's) that the attack number (the big one) is more of a damage per second calculation result.

So your hand cannon with 100 dmg and 4/5 impact might hit like a truck, but in the same time frame the auto rifle with 150 attack and 1/5 impact will do more damage (assuming you hit with each bullet).

But your point of clarity is still a perfectly valid one.

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@probablytuna: my understanding is the bigger icon with the fancy symbol is a boss type mission. rather than a standard "go here press button and kill everything" it's "go here press button and kill everything until we give you the boss". but i'm sure others will have more informative descriptions.

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Yo duders, I would like to get in on the EU team.

PSN ID: onikagei2003

I'll throw a request on the bungie site and hope for teh best.


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I'd better get my order in now before they all go!

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Rocksmith for me, spent soo much time and or monies on that.