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when is the puyo puyo tertis pc port??

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@wemibelec90: i've really been liking the new wassup, even though their mv keeps going up and down for weird reasons

but yeah, hardly anyone releases anything significant so close to year end shows where they'll just be performing their songs from earlier in the year anyway.

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@optix12: little apple is a jam and yeah, t-ara is long overdue for a second actual album, but they just had a mini (& remix album) not even 6 months ago with sugar free (and&end was the album name).

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zero, i don't own any consoles currently. i kinda want to buy a saturn though

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it sounds like you just want jrpgs back. there's tons of great turn based games & rpgs out, especially on steam.

if the ones listed aren't the "style" you want, here's three more from this year that might be more in line with what you're looking for.

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@jslack: valkyria chronicles still won't show up but if you can't get it working it doesn't really matter that much i guess

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can't pick valkyria chronicles even though there's a 2014 release associated with it. would love for more than patrick to see it.

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@optix12: they put out a really bad english version of an already not great korean song and a remix with snoop dogg, did some american tv show performances and went on back to korea to release a gee-era b-side they never thought was good enough until then, and then another not great korean song before going back to japan to train in the hyperbolic time chamber.

basically they made about the same impact as anyone else who tried (none)