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i love jimin

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aoa is back with another brave brothers sounding ass brave brothers song with plenty of jimin "hey"s to keep me satisfied, called short hair. there's an mv too but this is really ideal.

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bob girls are the new girl group from chrome entertainment, crayon pop's company.

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@onimonkii: I didn't find it weird at all. The product placement doesn't even appear in the video (unless I missed it?). Also, what's a "cf song?"

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He's not the only one. KPOP never sleeps...

cf stands for commercial film. basically just an ad. the individual versions you linked are on the baskin robbins korea channel :x also here's one nine muses did in china for some potato chips i guess. and yes i'm still awake. yes i regret it.

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if abing abing seems weird it's because it's a cf song, meant to advertise for baskin robbins.

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Block B's Jackpot is out!

Not really been keeping up with kpop so far this year, hasn't been much that hit home for me. This one at least has a few catchy parts and some awesome outfits.

i really liked jackpot, very weird, but very block b.

can't wait for exo's overdose mv to officially drop. also the new g.na.

until then, everyone should check out this 15& song, it's really really good