Games I Gave Up On In 2010

Kind of an opposite of my other list, this is a list of games I started but just didn't want to finish, in 2010.

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Posted by MasterXell

You didn't beat Dragon Age: Origins, or Red Dead Redemption? Two of the best games of the year.

Posted by RedEyesBlueBunny

i am totally with you on dragon age and red dead. F those games XP

Posted by onimonkii
@RedEyesBlueBunny said:
" i am totally with you on dragon age and red dead. F those games XP "
yeh. it sucks too cause i'll see a screenshot from dragon age or something and i'll be like shit that looks cool and then i'll try it again and get to the same spot.
Posted by Kyreo

I agree with you on everything on this list EXCEPT Red Dead.  13 out of 14 is close enough I suppose.

Posted by Boiglenoight

You may not like videogames. It's hard to say because on the one hand, everyone's different, but on the other, everyone liked Red Dead Redemption and Dragon Age: Origins.

Posted by onimonkii

@Boiglenoight: well, i did finish origins this year and thought it was great, but that fade part i gave up on before was still easily the worst part of the game.

red dead just isn't for me. i hate western movies, i thought gta4 was pretty boring, but i forced myself to play through it. so take gta4 and make it a western, replacing a somewhat interesting and busy city with barren deserts and you're pretty much at the boredom capitol of the universe for me.