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Colors for the gizmondo, a game that was never released for console no one owned

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@Do_The_Manta_Ray: is this your first time doing viral marketing?

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Cucumber and mustard

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@Encephalon said:

Also, DMC was always dumb, so that it continues to be dumb does not really affect me.

yeah, the story in DMC has always been stupid, but when Tameem comes out and says this: ”If i do my job right, you should be seeing a story of Dante that breaks the myth that all videogame stories are trite and will never stand up to the best that theatre and film have to offer.” Then we get this, i feel i have the right to complain.

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2 persons mentioning Super, 2 people as great taste. it is sad that Kickass and Super came out near each other and most people watched Kickass.

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Play Harvest Moon, either the Snes, Ps1 or the N64 Version. make it a weekly feature.

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Moonrise Kingdom

Hugo (released in march here in Sweden)

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@eskimo said:

- Terrible story, obvious twists

It is obvious it is going to be a twist. But i got surprised by the twist when it was revealed.

calling the game flat out terrible is not right. Play Inversion, that is a terrible game in all parts.

i Liked it because of the story, all other aspects of the game was alright by me. shooting worked and so on. the talk in the mic stuff i just ignored. maybe it was that i only heard that this game was special nothing more. had basically no hopes for it when i played it. the same i do with all games. this games tried something else with the story and that what i liked about it.

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Swedish candy is the best. Djungelvrål is the best candy in the world. köp lösvikt då tar du det som är gott.

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sad no one posted this

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and now. WILDCARD BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (song begins 06:16, but you miss the whole story)

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