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Good scoop, sir. Good scoop.

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This seems like a very intelligent move to cover these games in a responsible fashion.

Can't wait to see more.

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You're a talented gentleman, and you captured how I feel in what you said and eerily spot on in your incredible art. I got teary twice. Once when Ryan's dad posted pictures of him as a toddler on Twitter and your artistic tribute. Your picture captures much more than a thousand words.

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It wasn't until I started typing this that it really started to hit me. It's comforting to see that so many other community members feel like I do: I lost a friend today. I never met him, nor him me, but none the less I can't explain or express my grief. I can't imagine what his family and the other guys are going through right now.

Ah, fuck, I'm just sad and pissed and proud of his accomplishments all at the same time. He said "fuck it" to the man and built his legacy with his loyal friends and came out on top.

Cheers, Ryan.

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Selfishly, I always feared when the four horsemen of Jeff, Brad, Vinny, and Ryan would be separated. Maybe Vinny takes a different job to be with his growing family, Brad gets offered a position at Blizzard, or Jeff gets a consultancy.

Nothing lasts forever; It was going to happen.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think something like this could happen. I feel guilty having difficulty getting over the fact that I won't see him hosting crazy video content or hosting the Bombcast, when I should be thinking of him as a man with great friends and a loving family who are dealing with unimaginable pain right now. I'm just so sorry.

The internet is a weird thing. His voice has been a part of my week for almost ten years now. I don't know him, but I am having difficulty finding the words. I don't know how to grieve for him. I guess adding my voice to the chorus of outpouring today is the best thing I can think of, but I wish I could do more.

Really gonna miss you, Ryan

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So far so good in CT. I'm a high school history teacher and found out that today, tomorrow and Wednesday are cancelled, so I'm hoping my power holds out so I can game like a fiend for the next three days.. first world storms.

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This has to be written into a book someday. The aspects of betrayal, despair, surmounting of obstacles, rise to fame, and homecoming would make for such a great work of non-fiction. F that Steve Jobs book; I want the Building the Bomb book. Not for a while though, this current chapter just took a truly unexpected twist. Autobiographical? Even better. But the real twist would be after the book comes out, Jeff refuses to do signings that support people who reviewed his book poorly.

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Ii scares me that some people are defending this culture of subjugating language. I am not, however, a part of that culture. That culture, however, is a part of a game genre that I love, fighting games. I remember when Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat came out in arcades. I went to them, played them and loved them. Those who compete in these games at a high level do not have ownership of the genre and it's culture. There are many people who enjoy the games and enjoy watching high level competition. That group is growing. If you choose to be the face of that and willfully support sexist language that deals with sexual assault, that is your right. It is not illegal. That is freedom of speech. Those who care about fighting games, and the perception of games in general also have the right to voice their displeasure with those actions under the same protection. I'm sorry if the voices of the masses who enjoy fighting games and games in general are louder than the insular group of high level fighters who fear expansion since this is the only way that they can feel power over others while the mash buttons and use hate speech to either scare off other competitors or make themselves feel bigger like most school yard bullies do to hide their own feeble insecurities, but your skill does not equal ownership over something, and it certainly does not stand in the way of my freedom of speech.

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No,sir, I am not. I was a WoW player for a while, though raided rarely, loved the Bioware take on story, so I thought, slam dunk. Played until I got my light saber, then I realized that I just wanted a single player game, and I wasn't ever really seek out other players. So now I play Skyrim, and it's cheaper in the long run.