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Certainly a strage year for E3.  It seems that Nintendo is breaking all the rules for a new console generation.  I would ask, is the concept of a console generation as we used to know it dead, or is Ninento piggy-backing on 360 PS3 technology for a truly current gen console while Microsoft and Sony prepare for the next gen further down the road?

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Got the Ryan Davis Special for my wife for mother's day.  She's still in disbelief on its magical insulating powers.  Her tea was still hot a day later.  Those guys should be paying Giantbomb on principle.
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That E3 Sony press conference is going to be so uncomfortable.  It's going to be like Pee Wee Herman's first stage appearance after his arrest.  It's going to be so cringe worthy, and I'm not going to miss a minute of it.

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Possible sequel Names:

Look Who's Too Human, Too!

The Too Human Centipede

Too Fast Too Human

Too Human, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

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The whole CoD and Guitar Hero argument may be flawed my the issue of large bulky expensive toy instruments.  Lets not forget that each itteration of the Guitar Hero franchise used new equipment.  Ther was backwards combatability but, you're also looking at 2 different markets.  Most people bought they're first guitar hero or rock band for this generation and we're done.  The Tony Hawk franchise, on the other hand, is a totally different issue.


By the way, great article, and welcome to the family, Patrick.

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A perfect fit.  Why must you be so awesome WM?  You continue to exceed my expectations for excellence.  Mr. Klepic will continue to elevate that excellence.  Well done.

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Seriously!?  I'm a teacher and I'm truly disgusted by that teacher's behavior.  My third year of teaching I had a teacher friend with an insulin pump, and that was the first time I had ever seen one.  There are a lot of children in the United States, and so there have to be a lot of teachers.  I have seen, that some of them are incompetent assess.  Teachers I mean. 
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As a gamer and a teacher both, I was a little scared to look at this thread.  I thought it would be full of teacher hate, but it's not.  I had tons of unfair and stupid stuff done to be by my teachers, and I make a point to remember that every day that I teach.  I make every effort to be fair and hear kids out if there is an issue.  Don't forget, however; when most all of us were in school, we were hormone raging assholes, especially in middle school, which is what I teach.  I love my job, and I know I've helped a lot of kids, but I know there are some kids who thought I was a dick.  So be it.  If every kid loved me, that meant I was a shitty teacher, and didn't risk challenging a kid to become better than when they stepped foot into my classroom.
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Great idea!  I look forward to seeing your picks and which of my personal classics match up.
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Mind = blown.