E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games

10. Super ScribbleNaugts: Didn't play the first, but d-pad controls and adjectives has me interested. 
9.  Future Warfighter: It's invisibility with science behind it! 
8.  Kinectimals: This might distract my child so that I might play games. 
7.  Dance Central: This might distract my wife so that I might play games. 
6.  New Zelda: As per internet law, not by choice 
5.  Modern Medal of Duty: Colon: Current culture tells me that I'm way stoked for this game. 
4.  3DS Animal Crossing: My weeds at home just don't satisfy anymore, and my mortgage is paid off. 
3.  Dead Space 2: Fuck you scary game!  I'll beat you this time, and I'll even turn the lights off! 
2.  Hot Pursuit: One step closer to Criterion Road Rash.  Dear God why not!?  Seriously! 
1.  Metal Gear Solid Rising: Cooking Mama with dismemberment.  Want.

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