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The True Star Wars Experience 0

X-wing was a masterpiece of a game that put you in the cockpit of the most powerful fighter craft in the known universe...from a certain point of view.  One might argue that power does not derive from the single ship, but the many.Tie Fighter was the first Star Wars game to put you on the other side of the cannon that is the classic Star Wars conflict: The Rebel Alliance versus The Empire.  Here you are an agent of the empire, and the game is designed to make you sympathetic to the traditionaly ...

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Swansong of the adventure genre 0

Add equal parts Space Quest, Full Throttle, Gumby, and peyote; mix throughly, and you will have the clay masterpiece that is The Neverhood.  Even the most seasoned adventure gamer will find numerous surprises mixed with clay and utter madness.The visuals of this game arguably blur the line between games and art.  No pixels were harmed in the making of this game; in their stead, motion captured claymation.  The characters of this game follow a similar art style to those of the current games being...

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A reason to own this lost console 0

The original Marvel vs. Capcom was a strong 2D fighter that first dipped it's digital toes into the over the top fireworks show fighting game genre.  Although Capcom had cross overs in the past, and in the future, the ability to have a balanced match between Strider and Iron man was a new and engrossing experience.  Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes was the perfection of this formula.In regards to gameplay, the controls were tight, which is saying a lot considering the debachle that was the...

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