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Blood Stone: Perfunctory Action, Premier Racing 0

 Trying to craft an interactive experience that allows you to feel as bad-ass as James Bond is something that has escaped many developers for some time now. Bizarre Creations is the latest to tempt fate and try to make a Bond game that captures the essence of the films in an interactive medium. Once again you get to play the role of James Bond in his latest adventure, that starts as an assassination attempt at the G-20 Summit, and unravels into a plot involving bio-terrorism that takes you aroun...

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Adventures With a Boneheaded Wingman 0

 Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is host to a handful of ideas and concepts that if given a finer degree of refinement could have made for a really fun original title. The story begins after you break into the palace where the  Majin is being held prisoner. Tales of  Majins great power as a beat of the gods has led you to seek him out to help you on your quest. When you find him you quickly find out that  Majin is a dullard, who speaks in broken  english and constantly trips over his own feet. Re...

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Quality Platforming Can't Save This Otherwise Lackluster Game 0

Playing Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is like playing two tangential games; one an exciting, intricate platformer and the other the most boring, basic brawler you can imagine—all linked together with a middling story. PoP:TFS does itself no favors by leading with its weakest aspect. Everyone lumbers around and overly projects their actions to the point that combat is simply a chore and not at all compelling. You fight off hoards at a time and they make almost no effort to attack you; the...

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Shiny graphics can't hide twenty year old gaming conventions 0

3D Dot Game Heroes is a game without a home. Its charming tilt shifted environments filled with colorful blocky characters could never run on my NES, but the gameplay conventions that it brings with it probably should not exist on any modern console.It sells itself as a lighthearted parody of  The Legend of Zelda brought into 3D and drenched in lighting effects and a heavy layer of gloss. It embraces its blockiness to the point that when you kill an enemy, they shatter into dozens of pixels that...

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Ubisoft Montreal Reworks Another Franchise to Polarizing Effect 0

 Ubisoft Montreal has a knack for working over franchises to a polarizing effect. They did it two years ago with Prince of Persia and again now with Splinter Cell: Conviction. This represents a dramatic diversion for the series that could represent a groundswell of gamers finally able to fully enjoy and live the life of the trained killer known as Sam Fischer. Splinter Cell: Conviction, for the first time in the series, lets you play stealth or action and not one in spite of the other. Stealth ...

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A Worthy Action Game 0

I just finished the bloodiest Zelda game ever. Maybe you have heard of it, it’s called Darksiders. You play as War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and you are summoned to Earth to do your part in the endwar between the three kingdoms initiated by the breaking of the seven seals as written in the great pact. As it turns out, its all just a setup, and now you are being blamed and since you are War, it seems only appropriate that your next course of action is to week out and destroy th...

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Dante's Inferno 0

The Divine Comedy, composed with thoughtful consideration over thirteen years, is wholly abused and exploited to make a video game full of tits and demons—but as long as you don’t try to take it too seriously, Dante’s Inferno is an entertaining experience. Visceral did a great job capturing the setting described in The Divine Comedy, and the enemies that you encounter are well designed and tie back to the source material. When it comes to combat, there isn’t really any innovation and while it su...

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Wet is dripping with style... 0

Wet is dripping with style, but doesn’t always have the gameplay to back it up. You play as Rubi Malone, a  gun (and sword) for hire who gets caught up in a drug war that leaves you running around the globe.Your entire experience emulates an old exploitation film, from the heavy film grain over everything from the game’s menu to the end credits, to the campy filler sequences ripped from old theater film stock. The core of Wet is the combat system. You are encouraged to stay in an acrobatic-induc...

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