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I guess Vinny and Jeff will never do a Persona 5 endurance run now. :(

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He should have had the chat scrolling on the screen while he was doing the speech as an example. Now that would have been funny.

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This isn't real. It cant be what the fuck.

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As a person who was and still is to some extent depressed. I found this game to be frustrating because it wasn't I went through. It felt like a fairytale depression.The main character had a loving supportive girlfriend, a family that cared, friends. All the things a person needs to help him get out of the depression. It's not always the ideal situation in real life, a lot of the time these people have nobody, no girlfriend, no friends, sometimes not even a family that cares. This game didn't set off my depression, it only served to annoyed me and frustrated me at how "light" the depression seemed to me. I kept catching myself thinking "If I had what he had, I wouldn't have been depressed for 8 years". Maybe this game wasn't made for me. Maybe it was made to educate and inform the masses on what it feels like to be depressed so they made the main character a bit more relate-able.

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@lesaboteur said:

Sexism is institutionalized within our culture against women.

But that's just not true, oh first world feminists. How tough you have it.

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@Nemesis2K: The Matriarchy is keeping me down with that picture. It's very sexist.

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@Darji said:

@patrickklepek said:

Hello! I'm going to start digging through and responding to a random set of comments, but feel free to direct some at me.

Can you write some article about sexcism or objectifying of men in video games and this industry. This does also exist and it would be a great counter part .

Men can't be sexually objectified and they can't be raped. Have you learned nothing from your feminism 101 course?

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@SniperXan said:

In case you didn't want to click that link from before...

What misogyny? All i see is people getting sick of Patrick Klepeks personal crusade not actually hating on women.

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Patrick Klepek - Turning Giantbomb into Kotaku one article at a time.

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I'm not renewing my subscription, I don't come to to this site to read about some bleeding heart feminist bullshit about how hard and terrible women have it. It sure is hard to be a woman nowadays with all the special treatment you get just because you are woman. Come back to me when you want equal treatment not special treatment. Don't bother telling me you want equal treatment because its simply not true you want special treatment you know it and i know it.