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what is happening in that picture

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If they are changing the style from the originals so much why not just go with a new IP?
I'm still waiting to see how it plays before giving up hope, though.

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@diggity_dan said:

" "  Start getting caught up on your firmware now." -----I don't get this. "

PS3 firmware updates take a comically long time to download to do pretty much nothing, at least in comparison to other console and hardware firmware updates.  This might have changed though, I'm not sure.  You might not of really noticed if you've always had a stellar connection, but I got the joke.
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Civ 5.  Crashed, hadn't saved in a couple of hours.  Haven't played it since.  :(

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You know I hated G4 and most of the people on it, mostly because it was just made be cringe non-stop when just about any of their original "content" came on (exception: Adam Sessler of course), but also because G4 was what ended TechTV in my eyes, but... I really like COPS and I'm kinda bummed I only have TruTV and Fox to turn to now. :(

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@Geno said:

" Just wanted to post an update, and an example as to the kind of problem I'm describing.  
This is an interview with Crytek's Cervat Yerli.  http://kotaku.com/5674608/the-future-of-pc-gaming-according-to-the-creator-of-crysis  In it he states how more full retail games will be moving to the console space over the next 5 years, and how PC gaming will be moving to F2P. I am disappoint Cervat.  "

It's disheartening to see this come from Crytek, especially.
 @ryanwho said:
" Im just bummed out that people don't take a week to make a PC user interface, you know. As much as I appreciate the "immersion" that comes with keeping the screan clean yet requiring me to clunk through 3 menus to see a damn map, I'd like to still have the option to just mouseclick on one of 30 UI widgets lining the screen. "
Yes, or at least some hotkeys.  It's so silly that some games do not let you define hotkeys.
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I bought a really cheap one years ago, I think for the first PC I built when I was in high school.  Not sure on the wattage, maybe 600W or something like that.  Well it was dirt cheap, no-name brand and  stopped working after a week.  Replaced with a quality Antec PSU and it has served me well ever since (so, like, 5 or 6 years), it's 450W I believe. 
Anyways, yes, they can break on their own.  I do not remember having any weird power issues at the time, granted this was so long ago.  So take this with a grain of salt.

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First: awesome thread and great information.  This 4200+ X2 just isn't cutting it anymore, so I'm doing some pretty heavy upgrading of my outdated desktop and this guide has been helpful.
Secondly, do you have any CPU heatsink/fan suggestions or would the stock setup usually suffice?   Assuming I'm not going to go crazy with overclocking of course.

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Blizzard DOTA?  Really?
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