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PSN : oombalan

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Added you all my friend code is 1075-0807-5401

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Added you all my friend code is 1075-0807-5401

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@rorie hey I ordered a hoodie a few days ago and yeah the cost of shipping it to Australia doubled its price more or less, don't have a screenshot, I also may have put a typo in the delivery address, is there any way to change that? Hoodie was $35 and the lowest shipping available was $30.19

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I completely understand about the internet requirements of these consoles, If my problem was a simple as changing ISP then I would have done so years ago

I live in a new housing estate with no adsl exchanges in range, the previous government in Australia put in motion a national broadband ftth network a few years ago, halting the development of any new exchanges, the NBN however has taken a long time to get going and just as it was about to be installed in my area the government was voted out. The NBN has effectively been cancelled by the new government which means I am now stuck on 4G wireless with a shitty data cap until I move (not an option for 6 months)

Thanks @stingingvelvet and @fear_the_booboo for the help, 100 MB is awesome by comparison.

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Hey Bombers

My internet while relatively fast is also very limited in how many gigs of data I get to use each month, after the getting the XBOX ONE I've found that Forza 5 had a 6 GIG Day one patch and everything else is between 1-1.5 gig which for me is pretty shitty, as I'm getting a PS4 is a few days I'm wondering what the patch sizes are for each of the respective launch titles, any info would be appreciated.


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GT: oombalan

KI, Ryse, DR3, FIFA, BF4

TZ: Straya

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Awful presentation, genuinely disappointed, I do not want to talk to my xbox to change tv channels, search the web, watch a movie and a movie trailer at the same time or anything else. Xbox One is as bad a name a Wii U. Forza will look amazing but I'm not interested in any of the 5 or 6 games they have shown (4 of which were EA sports titles).

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Just thought I'd add to the myriad of people wishing you well and thanking you for making this website fucking awesome, enjoy being a dad!