The Dark Knight Rises-Film Review

I would like to start this blog off by saying even though I am attaching this to a forum, I know there are already topics on the Dark Knight Rises, but this is my Blog and one of the purposes to my account is I love to review films and this will be my first for this account. If you don't want to read or comment then don't, simple as that.  And as a warning to those that read there will be spoilers in this review. I'm sorry, but its easier to explain my points when I can draw from specific examples. Feel free to leave comments below on what you thought, but no need to flame me for liking/hating certain parts of the film. This is my opinion after all and only my opinion. Now then, lets get to it.
The Dark Knight Rises was an absolutely brilliant film, and while it introduces many new characters and tries to blend a very hectic storyline together, it does so with very few missteps and with only a few scenes that dragged. I would like to say to start off that while it is completely ok to dislike the film, the people that say the movie was awful or an incoherent mess to me are crazy. Awful and incoherent are phrases that do not belong in the same sentence with Nolan's films. And while the film has has its flaws like all films, they are few and far between.
I came home this past weekend and saw the film with my family after the midnight premiere. I have seen the film twice and feel I can give it a fair judgement now. My father is the most stubborn movie critic I know. Whenever he comes out of a film, he at best will say it is ok. For this film, he walked out and said it was phenomenal and wanted me to take him again. High praise from him. What he said next is what stood out the most to me. He said that the reviewers that give this film a bad review are having to be pretty picky to say this film is not good. And while the movie has its flaws, I will point them out later in the review, they do not detract from its overall objective. I could take any movie out there and find flaws within them. No film is perfect. But the viewer will always see what they want to see in the film.
What I love most about Nolan is that other than his terrific storytelling, he is fantastic at casting. This film was no exception. It was filled with excellent performances, and one or two that in my opinion deserve an Oscar nomination, but not a win. There were several performances that stood out for me. The first was Anne Hathaway. Like Heath Ledger before her, many people were in an uproar when she was cast, but I knew I could trust in Nolan and that she would do a damn good job. And indeed she did. I knew she was perfect for the role from the moment she looked at Bruce and  her face changes from shock to being sly and saying, "Oops, no one told me it was uncrackable." Her reaction to that was perfect and I knew we were in for a real treat. To me it was worthy of a nomination for Best Supporting Actress. I say Supporting because her and Marion Cotillard share around the same amount of screen time and neither of them seem to be a "lead" role.  
The next performance that stood out was Tom Hardy. To be able to strike fear into someone using only your eyes is unreal. While his performance is not as astounding as Ledger's, what he did was still unreal. Two scenes that jump out to me were the scene in frontof the prison and the scene after Batman beats him down and his mask breaks. When he just is laying there during Talia's speech, he gives off so much emotion and pain through very slight flicks of the eyes. Purely amazing. The last performance that I would say is a standout was Bale. He finally nailed the voice. It was a great mixture of Batman Begins and the awful growl he had in The Dark Knight. But the best part was his Bruce Wayne. Absolutely incredible and he has always seemed like the perfect Bruce. 
The ending was the perfect ending possible for this trilogy. The last 10 minutes or so of this film were some of the best in recent history. While Bane's death felt underwhelming, the final minutes were so beautiful that I was able to let it slide. The scene where Bruce climbs out of the prison without the rope gave me chills. The Deshi Basara chant and Zimmer's score in the background, combined with the moment where the bats coming soaring out of the wall to surround Bruce gave me chills.
Now for the technical aspects. The cinematography was excellent. Wally Pfister does another outstanding job. Several of the landscape shots over Gotham had my jaw dropping. The score was beautiful. it is the small touches that make Hans Zimmer so great. In Batman Begins the ending track has a choir boy with a note frozen in time as if to signify the pain Bruce is in and that he cannot let go of his parents death. As Bruce flies out over the sea with the bomb, the choir boy's tune flows and helps to show that Bruce is ready to move on. He has given Gotham everything he has, and the pain he feels of his parents death is gone.  The film is not without flaws though and they come from the technical aspects. There were several times where Bane was impossible to understand. Hardy's lines are so genius that they need to be heard and I think at least 10 times there were phrases that were near unintelligible. And at times the score from Zimmer is so overpowering that the dialogue is drowned out. While, the story is quite hectic, I never felt it was rushed. Several scenes did drag but they were necessary to give us a breather from the extreme pace.  
To close this is nothing but a fantastic film. It combines everything that makes Nolan's film so great. Terrific storytelling, breathtaking cinematography, beautiful score, and Oscar worthy performances. I always dreamed that Nolan would finally get the recognition from the academy that he so rightly deserves. It will be interesting to see how it is treated come Oscar season. The thing that has always gotten me, is the same types of films win the award every year and while they are wonderful films, I have never felt a seperation from the films the year before. To me, The Dark Knight trilogy is The Godfather trilogy of this generation. It is not often that a film series transcends its genre and is a film that almost any movie goer can enjoy. And that is truly special.
Score: 9.5/10


Top Movies of The Year(So Far)

WARNING: Wall of post ahead. If you don't want to read you don't have to. But if you love movies as much as me, I'd love your input! Sorry that there are no pictures or anything to break up the flow. I'm struggling to get them to upload. Next time I'll have some!

So I know its only halfway through 2012, but I am a huge movie fan and wanted to make my first blog post here as a little year in review(so far) of what we have seen. I have grown up a huge movie buff. It seems like I am literally at the movies at least once a week. No matter what it is, comedy, drama, romance, action, horror, etc. there is nothing like a good movie. So in my first blog I am going to try and pick out my top 5 choices for best movies this year. At the end of the post I'll have a short little blurb about some honorable mentions of movies that I really enjoyed but don't think deserve a top 5 honor as well as movies we all should be looking out for.. Please keep in mind that this is all MY opinion and by no way am I professional in this category. Feel free to agree, disagree, and even ost your favorites so far but please no flaming. Well in the great words of Heath Ledger: "And here...we...go!"

5. Safe House

So when I went to the theater the day this came out I really had no idea what to expect. I only saw the trailer for the movie one time and my friends dragged me to see it. I willingly went only because it had Denzel Washington in it. Well, needless to say I was NOT disappointed. I can't remember the last time I have seen a Denzel Washington movie and left the movie theater bored or underwhelmed. The movie was fast-paced and relentless. Ryan Reynolds did a superb job in what was one of his more serious films as of late. The acting was good as expected but obviously nothing to be going crazy over. All I can say about this is it was a very fast-paced and thrilling movie that should not be missed. Check it out!

4. The Raven

Ok so this one is a little bit of a longshot for me here. The firs half of the year isn't usually jam-packed with great movies so I've kind of had to dip deep. Most people will disagree with me on this one but I thoroughly enjoyed this film for several reasons. Firs off, Cusack did a wonderful job as Poe. What I loved the most was the story. It did a great job showing the mysterious last few days of Poe's life. It ties in well with how he was seen on his final few days and it does it cleverly. It incorporates several of his most famous stories and it keeps you guessing. I did not see who the killer was and my hat is off to whoever did before the final 3rd of the movie. Like I said this typically wouldn't make it into my top 5 but its more of a...guilty pleasure.

3. The Hunger Games

I must admit, I was a little nervous before this came out. As a huge fan of the books I was expecting them to be ruined. Most book to movie adaptions are poor( i.e. Harry Potter with the exception of 2-3 of the 8 films). I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It could have been much better, but I won't go into to much detail here. Things I did love was the detail in the film. The Capitol was exactly how I envisioned it. The acting was superb across the board, especially from Lenny Kravitz as Cinna. The sets were beautiful and the film was shot wonderfully. Its truly sad that the director will not be returning for the last few films.

2. Prometheus

Alrighty, I'm gunna prepare myself. Here is were the mixed opinions will fly in. Critics mostly loved it, and so did most of the viewers. But the few people that hated the movie, hated it. And I mean HATED it. I read up a lot on opinions of this film when I got back from the film, and most people loved it or despised it. No in between. With that said, I loved it. And here is why. First off, the special effects were incredible. This is the one time 3D has EVER been wort it in my opinion. The holgram scene was unreal and so was the rest of the film. It was intense the whole way through, and like a good sci-fi horror film it has several memorable scenes in it(surgery scene, you know what I am talking about), and an ending straight from hell. A lot of people that hated it said it had to many plot holes but I don't see that. Two reasons why this is false. The first is that Ridley Scott has already said there will be a sequel, and if you didn't get that from the ending you are an idiot already. Secondly, this isn't a movie that is supposed to hand you answers on a platter. I hate that "thinking" movies have almost ceased to exist. Most people these days hate any movie if they aren't spoon fed answers. This movie raises big questions and wants you to form some of your own answers. The movie really was nothing like I was expecting. I was expecting a horror, blockbuster gore-fest, and I gladly got instead something much better.

1. The Avengers

Yes. Us video game/comic loving nerds all loved this. The film was what it attempted to be. A absolute thrill ride with some humor mixed in. If you try to take this film as anything else than a fun summer blockbuster you will be disappointed. And boy was I not. The effects were great as usual for films such as these, but what really stood out to me was the hero of this movie, Josh Whedon. He did a remarkable job directing such a huge movie. He had a lot of pressure on him to deliver and he did. The four main heroes complimented each other superbly and did a remarkable job with their acting, for a film such as this. And let me tell you, the theme for this movie when it was played at the beginning and during the final fight scene gave me straight up chills. There isn't a lot of depth to go into here. It was just one damn fine summer blockbuster, and finally gave superhero movies what they deserve. Critic success. The only two films to be more critcily acclaimed then this were Nolan's Batman films. Thank you Josh Whedon. I can't wait for more.

Honorable Mentions

Rock of Ages: So I am home for the summer and I went to see this film with my family this afternoon before work and I loved it. Guilty pleasure. I am a huge 80's rock fan, I love musicals, and Julianne Hough is a babe. It was just a plain fun film. Nothing special, but a lot of fun to experience on a big screen with the real surround sound listening to some great rock anthems.

Man On A Ledge: A very fine film. Non-stop intensity with a great ending, and just plain fun to sit through.

Snow-White and the Huntsman: I gained a little respect for Kristen Stewart with this film. While it was not anything special by any means, it is at least worth a rental on DVD in the near future and provides a great adult version of this classic children's tale.

What To Look For Soon

The Dark Knight Rises: The obvious choice. I don't even need to say much about this. The hype surrounding this film is unreal, and the trailers are mind-blowing. I can seriously see this film in Oscar contention come this time next year in categories such as Best Directing, Best Picture, Best Score, Best Art Direction, Best Visual Effects, Best Supporting Actor, and maybe a few more.

The Bourne Legacy: I'm still going to have a hard time watching a Bourne movie without THE Jason Bourne. But the new trailer looked intense and Jeremy Renner is on my list of rising stars to looks out for since the Hurt Locker.

Lawless: For the sake of finishing this blog up I won't go into detail. Just look it up. Let's just say this. Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, and moonshine runners. Nuff said.

The Hobbit: Need I say anymore?

Well thanks for the read, if you made it this far. Follow me if you enjoyed my post. This is my VERY FIRST BLOG, so let me know what I can do to make it better. I will be using my blog to do a lot of movie reviews and more blogs like this such as Worst Movies of the Year, Best Movies of the Decade, etc. So if you have any ideas for something you'd like to be made, then hit me up!