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I don't understand the fascination with it. Its a classic and I guess I can understand why, but personally I just don't find the movie funny at all. The leg lamp scene is insufferable and seeing so many people on the news actually BUYING a leg lamp as a gift for christmas….I mean really people? I can understand why people like it but to me its just….hard to watch.

But I personally don't like a lot of christmas movies. There just aren't many good ones. Elf and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation are probably the only ones I will EVER watch again. It;s been a long time since we had a good christmas movie released. Everything is animated during the holiday season now.

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The debauchery got kind of tiring after three hours, but it was still an excellent film.

Felt really awkward watching it with my dad though. There were some fine ass titties in that movie and I was unable to fully enjoy them.

Haha yeah same here. I saw it with my parents. Didn't want to but I was home for the holidays so had too. The whole time I was too distracted by watching my families reactions to some things that I fully couldn't enjoy the film. I need to see it again. The more I think about it the more I think I loved it. American Hustle was fantastic as well. Pure genius. Those are two of my top 3 films of the year.

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@turboman said:

One montage scene too few. Three hours is very demanding, and if your script doesn't support it then more work needed to be done chopping up the movie.

Also, the story really suffers from not giving us anybody to root for. DiCaprio's character is technically the protagonist, but he never really started out all too good of a person so his descent into becoming a more horrible person didn't really effect me at all.

DiCaprio is great in this, though (and so is Jonah Hill). I wasn't expecting it to be as funny as it really was. But the plot didn't grab me. Didn't find the nudity jarring or anything like that.

Yes, Dicaprio was a force in this film. It really is such a shame that this will most likely be his 4th Oscar nomination and still no wins. It's my favorite performance of the year with Tom Hanks and Christian Bale close behind. Unfortunately, even though I have no seen it, I know 12 Years A Slave lead actor (sorry I can't spell his name) will win for reasons more than just acting ability (although I did hear he was great). Dicaprio has my vote for Best Actor.

It really was a great film, and the nudity/sex/drug abuse didn't bother me either. I just know that it has bothered a lot of people down south.

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@recspec said:

DiCaprio was great, but I don't think it needed to be three hours long. Seems like the people who walked out were expecting another Gatsby.

I think cutting 30 min off the run time would have helped it out a lot. A lot of excess in there that wasn't needed. And the people walking out were walking out because of all the nudity and sex in it. That stuff does not bother nor effect me but, idk, down south that is like a huge no-no. Everyone is really sensitive.

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So I posted this over on another site but wanted as many opinions as possible.

So, I was curious as to the masses reaction to the new Scorsese film. Its been getting a lot of heat and press lately on just how hard of an R rating it is, and some screenwriters went as far as calling Scorsese out himself on making a film like this. I went today and came out of the theater not really sure of my thoughts. But the more I thought today, the more and more it's starting to grow on me. It was funny, edgy, Dicaprio gave a stellar performance, and I loved the story and thought it was fascinating seeing as it is a true story.

I was surprised to see so many people leave the theater though. The showing was sold out, I'd say the theater sat close to 200 people, and by the time the movie was over at least half of the theater maybe more had left. My friends family that went had his mother and sister end up leaving and on their way out she said that there was a line of people demanding their money back.

Now I live in the South, and to me I see this being the majority of the reaction below the Mason-Dixon line but above it and out West where people aren't quite as conservative I can see it being received a little better.

So what was your all's opinions? I personally rather enjoyed it and the vulgarity does not bother me one bit. Leave your thoughts below. I'm really interested.

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Well maybe I should ask this. To you all, what made the prequels so bad? I obviously don't think they are anywhere close to the masterpieces of 4-6 but other than maybe Episode 1, I didn't think 2 and 3 were so horrific. They were at least entertaining somewhat and had a some decent action scenes.

Is it because of the way the script was written and the storyline? Or the overuse of CGI and how unnecessarily flashy they were? I myself didn't like how much of the films took place in Coruscant. Maybe that's why I liked Episode 2 more, because it wasn't quite as…."urban".

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I think... it's True. But a caveat: anticipated could be "cautiously anticipated" as well. Pretty much every nerd under the sun is excited for Star Wars, but many of us are still sure it's gonna be another trash haul. It could easily be the highest grossing movie in the history of movies, and probably will, quality aside.

This. I agree 100%. Cautiously anticipated is the perfect phrase. And I agree with the highest-grossing movie whether its good or not.

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@geraltitude: How are people not understanding such a basic question….haha. I'm asking YOU if YOU think it is the most anticipated. Seeing someone talk about is what brought it to my mind. I'm not saying a news page is a basis for fact. Wow, I didn't realize this could be so damn complicated.

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@ajamafalous: No, I think you have the same problem as someone else had and are making too many assumptions. Literally all I asked was do you agree with what some news outlets are saying this early? True or False. Thats the only thing I wanted to know. I'm not grasping at anything, it was just a poll question.

Am I highly anticipating it? I've already said that as well and hell yes. But that has no impact on what I was asking.

As for everyone else, it's nice to see some actual replies instead of ripping my head off. Yeah I guess I understand now that the prequels did more harm for this franchise than good, which is a little disconcerting because I didn't think they were THAT bad. I mean I kind of treat them as separate entities and enjoy them each for the different things they were trying to achieve. Yes the prequels seemed a little more trite and over the top on some of the CGI stuff but I still found enjoyment in them and thought that the soundtrack for all the prequel movies was just as good if not better than the original trilogy.

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@darthorange: I'm not saying it's often, and they are in engineering/acting classes. I've heard it referenced a few times from other students which doesn't seem like a lot but its pretty early for even that. Obviously these few people can be outliers in the greater scheme of things but it was worth mentioning I thought.