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@xite: I played it on a spectrum and you had to have a tape player where you could adjust the speed to get it to recognise the header in order to get it to load.

Also, I just realised nobody will know what a header is...

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I enjoyed the guest very much and you can say what you want in the forum here. But deflating some of the drama and vitriol by locking it is a good thing if some people can't control themselves. It's just a podcast about video games and not the corner of Hyde Park. I am waiting for some freedom of speech and the constitution comment (or might have overlooked it...)

That setting programmable legos free on an island bit was hilarious!

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Condolences from Munich, Germany too. I second the idea to have a t-shirt sale to support his wife.

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I have to admit I don't understand what all the fuss is about. The way the actor pronounces it is the Japanese way. Though I have also been doing Karate and making a living speaking the language I feel that butchering foreign words is simply part and parcel of any language. All peoples couldn't care less about the correct pronounciation of loan words and Japanese are among the worst offenders...so who cares? I do remember playing the game though. I personally sank much more money in a Karate champ cabinet.

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@Renegade1973 Elite was such a great game. Mind blowing at the time !
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Way of the exploding fist.
Star wars arcade (first one with death Star and vector graphics)
Ant Attack on ZX spectrum

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We used to play that back in the day. I guess my buddy still has that somewhere...

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I played "day of the tentacle" when it came out!

Now I feel old...but being old means being able to chip in for stuff like that even though I don´t have time to play games anymore anyway. So what am I doing on this site? Watching others vicarously play all the games I will never play.

Also them having reached their goal already is insane. On the other hand 400K are not really a lot these days for producing bigger games. It will still be a labour of love for them.

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I am really curious how the Vita sales pan out. Sony isn´t in good shape at the moment.

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