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Dexter is easily my favorite show, and yes CH3BURASHKA, you're missing out not seeing it. This game however, in all likelihood will be nothing to miss out on though.

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Of course Fedor is the best, but I think there are still some great threats and match ups for him. Josh Barnett and Arlovski are big threats I think. If you remember Fujita completely rocked Fedor, but Fedor clinched up and recovered. I really don't think Randy has a chance though. Very similar styles, Fedor just does it way better.

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While I have many fighters I actually like more, and of course recognize the superior skills of, right now I just can't get enough of Eddie Alvarez's fights. I really anticipate seeing him rematching Hansen, and so many other match ups would be amazing. There's something much more fulfilling about following a prospect then just really backing a proven great.

FW: Kid Yamamoto
LW: Eddie Alvarez
WW: Thiago Alves
MW: Anderson Silva
LHW: Lyoto Machida
HW: Remember, Minotauro Nogueira never looses, he just runs out of time.

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Maybe I'm pulling back a little but I'd love a new Gunstar Heroes with a full face lift and really bring the feel back in a 3D or very stylized 2D.

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AEKtzis said:
"he has been competing in Sambo tournaments and training staying sharp.

Let me tell you something man, Fedor competing in those Sambo tournies are like Sammy Sosa going to a little leage T-Ball tourny and winning it. It's not even fair. Most of the guys that have to face Fedor don't even show up. Last year he only had one match, out of a scheduled 3.
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I'm a huge MMA fan and yeah I loved the Affliction show, however I still have Anderson as number one P4P. Fedor needs a few more top wins to really reclaim his throne in my opinion where as Anderson has been decimating all top fighters in his weight class the years that Fedor has been on the side lines.

How about Alvarez vs Kawajiri at DREAM 5? Fight of the year so far IMO.

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Firefox 2. Waiting for 3 to be perfected.

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Necrophagist - Onset of Petrification - Culinary Hyperversity

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I'm thinking of a meal that would take me a week at the gym to work off.

Prime Rib Six Dollar Burger
Criss-cut fries with ranch to dip them in
and a Capitan Crunch Shake

I don't know if I could even finish all that lol.

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