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@Snail: That was an HONEST mistake
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hopefully there will be some vehicles and maybe not so much women who look like men.

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A good example of this would be the Timesplitters series. Another would be Beyond Good and Evil. Got any good games that don't receive the attention they deserve?

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It really doesn't deserve all the attention it gets.  I'm not saying it's bad at all and to be honest I thought it was a good game, but what is the big deal honestly?

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I need to get this off my chest, Modern Warfare 2 is possibly one of the most overrated games ever made. I don't see what the big deal is at all. It's a fun game, but by no means is it a big deal. The multiplayer isn't anything too special I mean we've seen similar features in games like Rainbow Six and the Campaign while indeed fun is too short and really the same formula since Call of Duty 2, also it is so over the top to the point where it is just plain Ridiculous and too much to handle. I'm not saying it's bad, but it isn't one of the best games ever made or anything. To put it simply nothing in the game exceptional

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@Delta_Ass: Same here, It still looks like a good game nonetheless
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After recently seeing some new game play footage of Splinter Cell Conviction I was kind of put off by the fact that it looked........a little too different and to be specific it looked easy, too easy, especially with the new "Mark and Execute" mechanic. I know Ubisoft is trying to reinvent the series, but  it almost seems like the game is straying too far from it's origins. Anyone else put off?

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Do you think it will work well and become commercially successful as all the other consoles or do you think it will become the biggest failure in Video game history?

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