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Halo 3: ODST is a solid expansion to Halo 3 0

Halo 3: ODST is the new expansion to Bungie's extremely popular first person shooter Halo 3 which was released two years ago on the Xbox 360. Now it is important to remember this is an EXPANSION, not a full fledged Halo game.    The game puts you in the shoes of an O.D.S.T(Orbital Drop Shock Trooper) simply called the Rookie by your squad mates which is refreshing for a change since previously you were only able to play as the Master Chief and the Arbiter in previous games. The game begins with ...

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Halo 3 is a solid FPS game the smoothly wraps up the Halo series 0

Halo 3 like it's predecessor Halo 2 is the highly anticipated First Person Shooter made by Bungie. It skillfully wraps up the Halo series by tying up any loose ends and not leaving us in the same place where we began like Halo 2's campaign did. Find out how it stacks up in my review below.  Gameplay: The Gameplay in Halo 3 is the same as it's predecessors and is as satisfying as ever with a couple new additions to the weapon roster such as the Spartan Laser and returning Assault Rifle. This time...

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A worthy sequel that does boast some flaws 0

Halo 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to Halo: Combat Evolved which both happen to be created by the same developer Bungie. Does the game meet up to the hype? Find out in my personal review of the game.    Gameplay: The gameplay in Halo 2 is exactly the same as the gameplay found in Halo: Combat Evolved which is a good thing since the gameplay in that game was fantastic. There have been a couple of new gameplay twists added to the game for good measure which are all balanced and great addition...

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This is what I call a shitty game 0

Haze, really 5 words sum up what I think of this game, Its a piece of shit. Why is it a piece of shit well I guess its time to start digging into this smelly mound of anal waste. First off this game is ugly it looks like an Xbox game almost sometimes whether it be the low resolution textures or the the just unimpressive scope overall its just an ugly-ass game, but I have seen worse and it isn't the worst looking game on the PS3. Another thing that sucks ass big time about this game is the voice ...

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The Bottom Line is: You need to play this game 0

    Now when I review this game I'm going to be speaking in retrospective or basically review the game from a 2001 perspective as opposed to a 2009 perspective because to be honest it would be harder to review this game from a 2009 perspective mainly because its very old and many games have copied the formula this game has laid out.     Halo: Combat Evolved is a FPS game or First Person Shooter game from Developer Bungie who brought us the popular Marathon series and in fact Halo does bear some ...

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