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Infinity Ward = horse shit 0

I would tell you how much i enjoyed playing through the campaign of this game, but you would never know i even played it since the lovely "update" Infinity Ward put out when the game came out disabled my trophies like it did many others.  Now I am not obsessed with my trophies nor do i care who sees them, this is a matter of principal.  How come there is ALWAYS a disadvantage to owning the PS3 version of a game?!  Is it a big conspiracy that they put out an update that "accidently" fuck people b...

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The best Ghostbusters game yet! 0

We have been waiting over 10 years for another ghostbusters game on home consoles, and not since Ghostbusters on Sega Genisis were we given anything worth plaing.  Well finally, Atari delivered us a Ghostbusters game not just worth playing, but worth owning.When the game was first announced I didn't even consider buying it, due to Ghostbusters' video game past. But just days before it came out I gave in and preordered it, so take this review as it's coming from someone who wasn't even going to P...

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Favorite video game story 0

so far.  Like I said with the Braid review, I don't give out perfect scores.  I came really close with this one though.  Let me make this clear, I was a die hard fan of Bioshock before most people knew it even existed.  Yes this is the truth, and yes it is possible.  I found out about this game by reading a bootleg copy of the GameInformer magazine that first announced it before anyone else.  I read this article 10 days before it was released to the public and have loved the concept ever since. ...

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This is one of the best... 0

XBL Arcade games I have ever played!  I will not ever give out a 5 star rating so consider this the best you will ever see coming from me.  I have still only played the demo at this point (I'm poor).  But to tell you the truth, I have been playing a lot of it.  What's there to play? you ask.  I don't know what it is, but I can see this game keeping me very busy for a long time once I buy the full version.  This is gonna be one of those severely underrated games that everyone talks about. Like Be...

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