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Birstall, West Yorkshire, UK

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Honestly, if you dont have it already, get a Playstation Plus subscription, even if you only play most of the games for a few min it more than makes up the spend after a couple of months

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To answer Patrick's question at the start, I tend to watch trailers for big movies, but rarely watch game trailers. But if it is something big, say the next Marvel movie, I will watch one trailer, probably once, then be on my way, not wanting to have anything spoiled.

I will read previews on games though, as it is my experience that a lot of writers are aware of upsetting people with spoilers and will either write the piece without them, or explicitly state 'here there be spoilers'.

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Friend of mine changed his gamertag to That_Guy. Found that pretty amusing...

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hey guys, just to let you know I am using chrome on my iPad, with iOS 7.4 and getting similar issues. Sometimes videos will play then I will get a 'could not load video' error, sometimes they just wont load at all, the player just goes black, and sometimes I get a 'could not load program' error.

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Rest in Peace Ryan, you will be missed by all in the GB community. Its amazing to think someone I have never met has made me smile as much as you have over the years, but its true and I thank you for it, along with the rest of the GB team, my heart goes out to you all in this tough time.

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I know I am not going to play this, but I really appreciate the fact that someone has made it. That may sound hypocritical, but I simply do not have much time to play games so dont get to play as much indie stuff as I would like.

I appreciate it because I went through a period of...well I guess it is depression, and I ended up in therapy because of it. It is my firm belief that therapy sucks, not in that it is bad and has no effect, but it forces you to confront what your feeling with a stranger, which is a strange scenario. It made me snap out of myself and want to get better because I absolutely didn't want keep going to therapy.

Maybe if I had thought to look for a game on this subject I would have found Depression Quest and that would have helped just as much...I dunno, hindsight is a bitch after all. I am glad this game exists, and I hope it has helped more than just Jennifer. My issues aren't as bad as those depicted in the article, but it is still something I have to deal with everyday and while I have learned things aren't as bad as I thought, I can still struggle. Definitely going to recommend this to anyone who I talk to about this matter, it might just help them out.

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you guys know that show is filmed in front of a studio audience right? no laugh track...

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Dam update hasn't resolved my issue with my Wii U! still cannot do anything cause it wont load the OS! totally out of ideas and there don't appear to be any kind of hardware reset or anything...

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I really, really really hope this sorts my issue with the Wii U. I cant play it at mo as the OS freezes after a 'please wait' message appears and I cant do anything else. I really don't want to have to take my console back to store because it is bricked. All I did was try to start the youtube app...