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The Unfinished Swan: Negative space meets positive vibes. 0

The credits are rolling, the book is closed, seats are emptied as crowds and players alike march out of the stadium. Did you enjoy yourself? More than likely, you saw it through to the end and you aren't that much of a masochist. Why do you feel so empty then, guilty, even? When you aren't actively engaged you start to second-guess everything, it's self destructive and self motivating in a whirlpool of conflicting emotions. This self loathing is perfectly normal, if you didn't occasionally exper...

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Legasista: the legacy of a genre, upheaved 0

The roguelike genre is not an inviting one, the mere mention of it brings up experiences of dungeons, dying, death, some loot, followed by a little more dying. It's a mix of your general RPG elements thrown into a brutal environment where difficulty is something people like to brag about rather than avoid. It's no surprise when you hear that roguelikes are a type of game that rarely receive releases. Most people don't enjoy dying several times over and possibly losing hours of progression, but s...

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Papo & Yo: The imagination restrained by reality 0

What kind of person are you? Looking back, will you be remembered fondly for your kind acts? Or will the bridges you've burned earn you only loathing? People go to ridiculous extents to leave their physical "mark" on the world, to leave their name printed for others to see. They don't realize that with time the name will have no bearing for some anonymous person looking at it. Others can't connect with who you were unless the face behind the name impacted them in some way. Almost humorously, som...

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Sound Shapes: Grammy Worthy 2

Soundtracks are often overlooked in the games of today. Developers often polish their dramatic title themes to a fine point, but tend to leave their in-game soundtracks lacking. To which point they're usually lost to the explosions occurring in the foreground until we tune out and forget there was ever one in the first place. Sound Shapes turns this reality around and takes us on a head-bobbing journey that will remain in our memories as a hum rather than a picture.Welcome to the Jungle: The Gam...

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Rainbow Moon: A small step for the strategy kind. 0

The Strategy Role-Playing Game is a genre much loved by the great thinking minds of the world. I believe it was Socrates who first said "How did that miss? I was totally striking you from behind!". This year thus far has seen an all time low of entries for the genre. Rainbow Moon enters the scene with the goal of capturing the essence of strategy games past.The Plot: Going over the Rainbow... Moon.The narrative is a simple one; your hero finds himself lost in a strange new world known as "Rainbo...

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