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@Veektarius: Why wouldn't you want to kill Evil George Washington?

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You guys are crazy people if you expected this game to get rave reviews. It's in a similar niche space as Monster Hunter now. Not really a shooter, not really a brawler, not really a horror game. It's Mercenaries 3D with a story mode. Which, if you're a part of that audience, is great.

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@JackW said:

Assassins Creed III: Liberation is like the only reason I am going to buy a vita.

Same. I'll pick some other stuff up for it too but, seriously, that thing's going to be a Liberation machine for a longass time.

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Way too much effort to put into playing a single player mode in a fighting game. Especially in DOA where "difficulty" is just the CPU increasing the frequency with which is correctly "guesses" holds. It's not a matter of making them hard to obtain, it's literally just playing Rock Paper Scissors against a machine that lets you win every now and then. If it's not a human opponent, it's pointless.

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@Stinky51012: "Microsoft's service is bad" is not an excuse to not make PS+ better.

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It kind of weirds me out that most people behave the way they do not because it's how they truly feel, but because they want to score cosmic brownie points for later.

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@Sooty: You're conflating the "scene" to be more than it actually is. Not everyone cares if their games are played in tournaments. In fact, Team Ninja pretty much came out and said that they're not even focusing on that crowd for Dead or Alive. What matters is what people actually buy. Tekken might not attract as many spectators as Marvel, but guess which series has sold more copies.

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@chaiHazuki: Games.

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Ditto for Tekken Tag 2. Sony may have changed something on their end.

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@Zeik: Eikichi? Hells no, he'll be 80 years old still wearing eyeliner, slapping people and then giving them his autograph.