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I have 2 I can give away:



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Great job, thank you.

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Welcome aboard gentlemen!

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Godspeed Vinny. NY, and family are both good things. Priority #1 = super expensive amazing telecom equipment to tie all the offices together in a super podcast. The podcast must flow.

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Fantastic wish I worked for Vita.

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Filled with emotion seeing you become one of us. Thanks for following it to the end.

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This has been in my head since the first Podcast back from his passing, but here is my idea:

Step 1: We need someone good at photoshop to take a photo of Ryan in his chair, and mod it so it looks like a bronze statue.

Step 2: We create a video with the image for Kickstarter to raise $80,000 (what my research has led me to believe we will need) to hire the sculptor to create a life size bronze statue of Ryan in the chair.

Step 3: We offer as a reward for the Kickstarter you initials on the back of his chair. The more you pledge the more characters you get. On the back above all it says "Fuck Ryan Davis / Love Ryan Davis" then all the initials below.

Step 4: Part of the money we raise is for transportation, and mounting of the statue. Those that support the Kickstarter get to vote on the location that it will be placed. We choose the dumbest place we can think of, some park in San Francisco, middle of nowhere Kansas, next to Mount Rushmore, center of Detroit? I don't know somewhere fully stupid.

Step 5: We make a pilgrimage there to show our love for the man.

This idea is so dumb that if it fails, it fails because it is so dumb, and if it succeeds, it succeeds because it is so dumb.

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Fish = Tool

Patrick = Real and great. Love you man.

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