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This isn't really a bug but a minor annoyance with the video player.

If I set the video player to use Youtube (my preferred player), it obviously can only do that for free videos. If I try to watch a premium video or one that isn't on Youtube after having set this, it then switches to using Streaming at Auto quality. If I switch it to HTML5, my preferred premium player, then the next time I watch a video that exists on Youtube, it'll use the HTML5 player. It's working exactly as it should because I did change the preferences to use HTML5, but it's not a particularly great experience for me.

Not to get all armchair designer on you all, but a priority setting or just a "Use Youtube where available otherwise this" setting would work to solve this issue. It's not a massive issue since I can just check the Giant Bomb channel on Youtube to see if a video is on there, but it is slightly annoying.

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Do you have Flash installed? Chrome has its own built-in version of Flash, whereas for Firefox I'm fairly sure you need to download and install from Adobe's website.

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@chavtheworld said:

@kovie: But it was originally released 3 years ago?

Blockland is waaaaaaaaaaaay older than 3 years, I remember playing downloadable versions of it back in... 2006? It was the first actual digital Lego game as far as I'm aware. I've always thought of Minecraft as a Blockland clone, not the other way around.

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I was under the impression that it was merced, as in mercenary.

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@Hizang said:
" @Orbi: You seem to forget, those dolphins love them some Mario Kart "
Fuck dolphins. I mean that literally. Have sex with them. Do it.
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Yes. You've got to think that after the human race gets wiped out for one reason or another, or the Universe decides to not exist, the Mario franchise will end. Done. Problem solved.

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I didn't find the last few chapters too difficult. There were definitely some tricky puzzles, but they just clicked in my head for me after enough time. The only one I hated was the last one before you see the hotel sign for the second time, when you've got to hit the gravity switch in the middle of a jump to land and have a saw chase after you. It just didn't occur to me that having a sign pointing you in the right direction wasn't like this game for quite some time. I then noticed that it looked like the other two signs in the bit before that, and I just went "Aha!". 
I'll agree that the game lost some of its atmosphere as you went into the industrial sections. I really liked the bits with all the gears and whatnot and thought those sections were really atmospheric, but after that it sort of trailed off. It's still a great game.

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@masterpaperlink said:
" Jeff Green, host of the best weekly podcast ever made.  "
As much as I love the Bombcast, GFW Radio is the greatest podcast ever made. Idle Thumbs and the Bombcast run close behind though.
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@Bones8677 said:
" NetherRealm is a cool name. ^_^  But this just sounds like a new Mortal Kombat game, which we already knew was coming. It's probably been in development for a while, I don't think the short-film was responsible for this. "
Oh of course the film wasn't responsible for it, but you do have to admit the timing was a little bit too good, right? They got everyone talking about Mortal Kombat and then drop this bombshell.