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I find this Incredibly hilarious.. Holy fucking shit.

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If this David Cage is the guy I'm thinking of he can just shut the fuck up.. He doesn't make games so much as he makes machinima's that you press buttons to watch.

I played a little bit of Indigo Prophecy and was bored to tears in minutes. We already have movies, and games that are like movies.. But I have no idea why people give Kojima such a hard time when literally all of Cages games are (bad) movies with Quick time events. At least for as long winded as the Metal Gear games are, there's at least gameplay at the end of the verbal diarrhea.

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@HerbieBug said:

They should just call it the Microsoft Entertainment System.

Brilliant! send this idea to Microsoft straight away!

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I never really cared at all about achievements.. Or quests, as they are known here. I don't care if they exist, won't mind if they go away. But I'm glad you got your profile view quest finished.

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That's fucking awesome. Congratulations.

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Skyward Sword for me. Never played Zelda 2.

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Resident Evil 1, 2, and 3. I can always go back and play those games. Resident Evil 2 specifically is my most played game on my PS3.

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@Sweep said:

I liked Giant Bomb before it was cool.

*bans self*

Hey Sweep. How much does a hipster weigh?


I'm sorry.

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If either of them are over 400 dollars, I'm going to be spending my money elsewhere.

I have a hard enough time with the Wii U's price point and I'm not even sure how much of a "Next gen" console it is.

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Goku would probably spend the first few hours blithering on about some stupid fucking shit or powering up.. Giving Superman all the time in the world to shut his ass up.

Superman would win.