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@fattony12000: Sent you another invite request for the Playstation Clan, not sure why my ID didn't show up last time.

PSN and Bungie ID is Orexis97 if anyone wants to party up.

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@fattony12000: Sent an invite your way for the NA East and the main group.


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I'm probably the only one, but that Cena vs Lesnar match was boring as hell. I'd rather have just seen the match start, Lesnar F5's Cena, match over in less than 30 seconds, then just seeing Lesnar suplex Cena over and over and over again.


It puts over Lesnar as the new Undertaker an unstoppable monster, but MAN was that boring to watch. 15 minutes of Lesnar repeatedly doing four suplexes in a row and then just wandering around for like a minute over and over again is a boring ass main event.

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@lego_my_eggo: Can I have one of those extra ps4 codes if you plan on giving them away?

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@tennmuerti: For some reason, as soon as I saw that new suit, I immediately thought of the incredibly shark-jumping possibility of it being Cortana in a robot.

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@bones8677: This.

Take this shit over to GameFAQS where it belongs TC.

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Anyone know if wwe.com was affected by and/or patched out the heartbleed bug? I wanna subscribe to the network, but don't exactly want to make an account/give them my cc info if their login is still screwed.

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Holy shit! This guy is still going on about this TWO DAYS LATER?! Over a fucking video game? Jesus, get your priorities straight.

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Boy, reading this topic straight out of the dredges of GameFAQs sure is how I wanted to start off my day.

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