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@alexw00d said:

@ghostiet said:

Apparently, it was a mistake - it came from their German office and was a result of them trying to curb the debug version of Dark Souls that was leaked.

Of course it was a mistake, but that never stops people jumping the gun and claiming Namco are a bunch of scumbags who can't do their jobs properly and they won't buy their games any more. Sad really.

Well, with the way this community has been trending are you honestly surprised?



Oh look, it's officially a mistake. Who would have thought?

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Sure, I'm up for some free stuff.

#3 Posted by Orexis97 (44 posts) -

Would totally love to get in on a raid group for future raids. Lvl 28 warlock w/ both subclasses maxed

PSN: Orexis97

I've completed it multiple times.

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Next week's Hotfix is going to contain some fixes to the Atheon encounter.

  • We've added "baby bumpers" to areas where players could knock Atheon out of the environment.
  • Knocking a boss off a ledge is a bug. We will seek to address bugs like these as quickly as possible.

The encounter goal for Atheon is to act as a climax and the culmination of learning for a given Raid group. Part of that is making sure that each player in your group can perform every job as required. A change will take effect next week which fixes a bug with Atheon's target selection. When using its Timestream ability, Atheon will select 3 players at random, instead of choosing the three players furthest from it."

By adding an extra dose of random bullshit to the fight. This design decision is mind-boggling to me (which, to be fair, is about on par for this game). Given the thin margin for error in this fight, forcing random people into the portal who a) might not be setup to handle the oracles, or b) have no idea how to use the relic is just asking for a total clusterfuck. This just feels like Bungie purposefully padding this shit out even further because too many people all beating the raid, and they have absolutely zero new content coming for the next two months. Also, the fact that they are "fixing" this bug and not the actual encounter breaking ones where the damn teleport and/or portal randomly decide not to work is even more facepalm worthy.

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PSN: Orexis97

28 Warlock with both classes maxed. I tend to raid during the weekends, though feel free to invite me if I'm on whenever.

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Have the same problem. Running iOS 8.0.2 on iPad Air

Edit: fails to work using both Safari and Chrome. Problem started last night.

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@fattony12000: Looks like I still need approval to set Lincoln Force NA East as my Playstation Clan, ID is Orexis97

#8 Posted by Orexis97 (44 posts) -

@fattony12000: Sent you another invite request for the Playstation Clan, not sure why my ID didn't show up last time.

PSN and Bungie ID is Orexis97 if anyone wants to party up.

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@fattony12000: Sent an invite your way for the NA East and the main group.


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I'm probably the only one, but that Cena vs Lesnar match was boring as hell. I'd rather have just seen the match start, Lesnar F5's Cena, match over in less than 30 seconds, then just seeing Lesnar suplex Cena over and over and over again.


It puts over Lesnar as the new Undertaker an unstoppable monster, but MAN was that boring to watch. 15 minutes of Lesnar repeatedly doing four suplexes in a row and then just wandering around for like a minute over and over again is a boring ass main event.

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