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@lego_my_eggo: Can I have one of those extra ps4 codes if you plan on giving them away?

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@tennmuerti: For some reason, as soon as I saw that new suit, I immediately thought of the incredibly shark-jumping possibility of it being Cortana in a robot.

#4 Posted by Orexis97 (34 posts) -

@bones8677: This.

Take this shit over to GameFAQS where it belongs TC.

#5 Posted by Orexis97 (34 posts) -

Anyone know if wwe.com was affected by and/or patched out the heartbleed bug? I wanna subscribe to the network, but don't exactly want to make an account/give them my cc info if their login is still screwed.

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Holy shit! This guy is still going on about this TWO DAYS LATER?! Over a fucking video game? Jesus, get your priorities straight.

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Boy, reading this topic straight out of the dredges of GameFAQs sure is how I wanted to start off my day.

#8 Posted by Orexis97 (34 posts) -

Ya'll just got trolled.

#9 Posted by Orexis97 (34 posts) -

This game came out on the Wii U?

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@rorie: So, I ended up buying one of the Paypal memberships with my credit card, instead of Paypal. Will it still work? I got the confirmation email, but there wasn't a code or anything. Do I just need to wait a few days?

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