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Mine would be *yelling at object* YOU SLEAZY CUNTBAG
or just dammit... what is yours

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@HS21 said:
" @dorko21 said:
" Hey everyone! My name is Lorenzo. I have an addiction. Video games! I will not try to fight this addiction as I have been afflicted with it since I was 4 years old. I have joined this wonderful site to seek the comfort of others like me and I hope you will welcome me into your sweaty arms!   PSN: dorko21 Twitter: gamerdork21 "
Your fascination with the number twenty one is fascinating. "
i agree, just like my friend HS21
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ok signing up for mgo, i have never tried it, and am deciding to i am having trouble comming up with a password it will accept, and a game id, caould you help me out, here is what it says


 "Your Password must be a combination of alphanumeric characters of 8-32 characters in length."
now i have tried things like !_!_!_!_
what exactly is it asking for


 Please enter a GAME ID password 4-16 numbers in length.Only number (0-9) can be used as GAME ID password characters.Please don't use alphabet characters and symbols.
I have tried stuff like 12345678 and this still pops up, what am i not getting?
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@Jazz said:
" I disagree with you on many points, but MGS4 isn't the greatest game of all only problem with the game was the ending and the lack of..finality. Otherwise it was exactly what I expected an MGS game to be. Mad, cutscene heavy stealth action. I played the game without being seen once by anything but the bosses and only used the tranq gun. I had no intention of running around shooting everything and I thought the homage to the Third Man in act 3 was superb...I think a lot of the enjoyment I get from Kojima games is recognising the pop culture references. I'd also say that if you look too hard at any videogame story, it's going to come apart. I could write a similar blog about GTAIV or Bioshock. Though claiming that if it had been developed on a system with less disc storage would have made it a better game is...odd to say the least. A lot of your complaints come down to taste or expectation, but it's well ordered and written. Hopefully it will promote a decent discussion and not a slagging match. "
mgs4 is not at all a stealth game, that is why i dont like it
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@HODGEY3000 said:
" sadley true....  Naomi is still the hottest  assembly    of polygons though  "
i agree with this
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@TheSeductiveMoose said:

" Moose to Scandinavia. "

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operating system not found error

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i have an error on my pc that is "no operating system found"
I cannot reset the bios because i dont know the password
I cannot re- install xp because i dont have the disc, nor can i find a trustworthy site to download it from
so, are there any other options, and 
i am guessing linux is one, which one should i do ubuntu?
and how do i go about doing that?