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I'll be there Friday and Saturday with a few other dudes.

I'm Gerard, but if you yell out GMAN I'll know you're talking to me.

I'm super torn on what to do Friday night. I've been to most PAX Easts but I've never gotten into the CAH panel, and really need to see what it's all about. The Harmonix thing seems sold out, and the Giant Bomb meetup is open but Rorie made it sound like it's more of a GameSpot thing and the whole crew wouldn't be there. What do you think, CAH or Beer Garden?

I'll also probably be dressed up like Charlie Tunoku on Saturday, in his Dancing All Night attire.

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Can someone post clear pictures of all the cards? I'm sad I missed out on this, as I've had a full collection of all the CAH cards so far, even the PAX ones.

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By the Makers!

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I just bought the game today at Best Buy, and since Ultros is full I rolled on Famfrit. My name's Neko Sakuraba, a Mi'Qote Arcanist. I know a few other guys on the server, so feel free to friend me and maybe we can make an overflow company or something. At least until server transfers open up.

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Persona 5 or Valkyria Chronicles 4?

*checks news feed*

Nope. Guess I'll fix my launch, overheated cheaply-made PS3 while I wait for the games I actually want.

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What's the over/under on them naming it "A Link to the Future"?

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@sadsadsad: Nah, I don't think that Quick Look gives the game its dues. They do like, two turns, and it was a game that obviously didn't interest Brad or Dave very much. But Patrick seems to understand the allure of strategy games now, so I'd like to see him champion what turned out to be one of the best PS3 exclusives to ever come out.

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Patrick, when are you going to try out Valkyria Chroncies or The World Ends With You? These are the games I've been waiting to see covered on this site.

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@Crunchman said:

J...J... in the coffee!

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I'm pretty sure this just means JJ is as tired of waiting for Half-Life 3 as the rest of us, and he wants to get in there and get it made.