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The gamergate video is a rogue's gallery of strawmen. But don't take my word for it, go to the gamergate board on 8chan and find out what their actual claims are and then see if they line up with what that video says they are. Primary sources, ho!

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@patrickklepek: Serious question: If Eron's post about Zoe is actually true (I only just read it yesterday to catch up on all this and the man does offer a shocking amount of proof) then even though it's personal business, am I not allowed to take a stance on it the same way many people take a stance on someone like Orson Scott Card's personal beliefs when refusing to buy his books?

Again, I have no idea if it's been verified that his post is 100% factual, but if it is, as someone who was hurt by a very similar situation, I honestly don't want to support her as an artist anymore. I don't support or condone that kind of behavior the exact same way I don't support or condone that behavior from my own friends. It is an ethical stance.

And of course, I don't support or condone the people who have been harassing and threatening women in the games industry. Those people are vile.

Just wondering what your take on that is.

Let's remember that the vast majority of Eron's post is slut shaming, and the journalistic impropriety questions raised were found bunk. If there are already holes in the story, there are probably really great reasons to think the rest is suspect.

It's also incredibly unclear what posting this in the public sphere (he also posted versions to various message boards) accomplished, other than dragging his relationships into the open. Who does that?

The consequences of Eron's post have been awful, and I can't come up with anything meaningfully good we've gotten as a result.

"...the journalistic impropriety questions raised were found bunk" - this is the main reason why I still call myself a gamergater, specifically that I can't find the evidence that they were found to be bunk. And trust me, I've looked. Could you link that to me, please? I'm sure that would help immensely in clearing up this whole thing for myself and a lot of people.

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I'd like to quote a post from the gamergate board on 8chan, which is nothing like the h8chan that some people would lead you to believe, pointing out the leap of mathematical logic required to conflate a few instigators with an entire group that they claim to represent:

"Here's the thing: you can still get quantitative data from the amorphous mass. It happens all the time; it's called voting. It takes a consensus to raise $70,000 for TFYC. It takes a consensus to push doxx off a board. It takes a consensus to raise $10,000+ for anti-bullying charities. It takes one person to harass."

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@fear_the_booboo: To go back to the religious example, Christianity started as a millenarian sect of Judaism and now is something much different. The original status of a social movement doesn't necessarily remain static because social movements, like societies themselves, are constantly evolving.

Also, that was an enlightening link that covers one side of the gamergate story, but allow me to share one that covers the other side and does so in as unbiased a manner possible (and actually points out any bias it might have and explains why it is unavoidable, something I wish that more news stories would do): http://www.historyofgamergate.com/volume-1-a-peoples-history.html

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Can anyone who is anti-gamergate explain to me why there is a difference between condemning a massive group of people (so far there are over 1 million tweets and counting with the gamergate hashtag) based on the actions of a few of its members and condemning all Muslims based on the actions of a few extremists within the group? You could also condemn all Christians for that one abortion clinic bombing in the 80s or the entire crusades for that matter. But good critical thinkers don't do that, because we can see that cultural movements don't work like well water - a drop of poison doesn't ruin the whole thing.

Honestly, if someone can explain this to me I will be grateful, because I may be missing something.