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I live in a country where new games cost $80. Short games doesn't automatically make them bad, but they need to be priced accordingly there's no way i'm going to pay full price for a game that i will finish in one evening unless it's really special.

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Many people hate 8 because they are misinformed and don't like change.

Also, learn to use shortcuts. Navigating 8 is actually faster than 7 with the addition of win+x and win+q, w, f gives you better control of what you want to search.

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I liked the setting of Sleeping Dogs, also gets a huge plus for being available on PC, it worked very well technically and was a smooth experience.

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Den Den Town is worth a visit to check out the shops, but if you actually want to do some shopping I suggest going to the huge Yodobashi Camera in Umeda, Den Den has a lot of niche and second hand shops and prices can vary wildly. In Umeda you can also find the Umeda Sky Building which has a very nice observation deck at the top.

Take a walk around Osaka Castle Park the castle itself is not the the original but it's still nice looking and the surrounding areas are nice to walk through, while there visit Osaka International Peace Center on the southern edge, unlike many museums in Japan it does a good job on portraying the horrors committed by the Imperial Japanese Army too.

The subway in Osaka is easy to use and English is well used, Esaka station is on the midosuji line which is the main line in the Osaka subway system and will take you to most of the "big" places. Osaka is also served by a easy to use loop line.

Rental sim cards is a problem I think if you want to use your phone for calling too, but there are lots of options for rental sim cards / hotspots with data only I can't recommend any however since I've always used internet cafes / hotel wifi/cable for my needs.

For me 100,000 yen would be more than enough, for you I have no idea. You can lift money from seven bank in almost every 7-11 today in Japan with foreign credit cards, my visa electron even worked to lift money and there were no extra charges last summer (this will depend on your bank ofcourse).

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Planetside 2 128 hours and still putting 6h a day into it, Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2 close behind.

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No need to worry if you have a 560 ti, i run it at high (post fx and shadow at medium) 1080p dx11 ssao no problems even with older drivers. Game looks great and runs at 40-60 fps staying mostly in 50-60 range with no noticeable slowdowns. i5 2500k @ 4ghz, 560 ti @ 900mhz

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You can also get most cards to run pretty quiet by using programs like MSI Afterburner to tweak the fan profiles, most cards have fans running at a much higher speed than they actually need to if you have good airflow in your case.