Genesis. Are they a good band? I hear they were, a long time ago.

Until Phil Collin took over, of course.  
You know, I saw a bit of a performance video from them in their heyday, Bruce was all dressed up in some extravagant costume, as if he jumped out of some sort of expressionist play from the 1920's or something. He wasn't so much singing as doing a spoken word performance, in which he assumed the character of..."Europa" was it? It seemed kind of neat actually, more interesting than I could have expected from people saying they were alright, once. But that thing about me, where for some reason I can't seem to find it in me to become interested in a particular subject, until it has entered my life in a specific way, really kinda prevented me from perusing Genesis any further. One day I might, but it's been years since then, and frankly I'm not in the least confident that that day will eventually come. 
Furthermore, again, although I haven't delved at all into Bruce Springsteen's solo era catalog, it certainly hasn't presented itself to me in the most appealing way possible, so, really, is there any reason for me to check out early Genesis? 
I'll answer my own question for me: Yes, they could be fun, but no, unfortunately very few things in life are so important that they are of any consequence to one's development, so whatever benefit you may gleam from digging into the legacy of Genesis, you could probably equal by delving into something else, something that already has an apparent greater appeal to you.  
Alright, I think this is enough for one day's blogging, especially considering I'm just doing this to see if I get the "Genesis" achievement on this little site here. Maybe one day I'll return to this blog, but until then,  



At last, this wonderful site has launched where the insane minds of Jeff, Ryan, Brad and Vinnie can do as they please. Good for them. But most importantly, there is now at last a website where my friends and I can finally come together, and yes... we can read and comment on Andrija's blogs again. I cannot express how awesome that is. I look forward to seeing many posts about how Soul Calibur 4 has stolen all his time away, about cats, E3 impressions..and all games with perfect ratings. Now I know what was missing from my life and I'm glad to have it back. So here's to you Andrija, and to many more blog posts. I just hope that the website is only temporarily slow, and later I'll be able to get to the stuff that matters real quick. And yes, the site is pretty rad from what i've seen thus far and I expect it to only get better with the staff focusing more on content than site stuff.