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Finally blasted my way through the 2nd game and I was pretty impressed with how competent it was. The first game is a shining example in my mind of what a video game narrative can be, what some imagination and willingness to not play to type could be in a game. I suppose I should have known the dialogue would be just as sharp, since the writer is the same, but I was genuinely impressed with the voice performances too, even if I thought the main story arc is rather weaker this time around. Less impressive was the world, which although looked terrific (not enough is made of how well they made the hand drawn style work in a shooter, probably, even if it is probably much too vibrant for a video game called "The Darkness II"), is a much more straight forward affair this time around. No real good reason to poke around and immerse yourself in it, and certainly no part of it equals the nightmarish ingenuity of the WWI inspired interpretation of the Darkness's mind.

In a word, rather better than expected but still, basically "Darkness Lite".

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No guys, c'mon, busking in Toronto is just one of those things Jeff does to unwind and get away from all this video game biznatch.

How some of you think that photo looks more like Ryan is beyond me.

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Busking and/or playing ska in Toronto.

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Same boat. Don't know the sales figures but really seems like the dev did themselves, the game and the prospective audience a disservice by charging essentially double what the market came to expect from games of this scale. Maybe it's worth it, I haven't played it, but at this cost it kind of priced itself out of the impulse purchase that we don't even have to be concerned with category. The game definitely looked interesting, and I am hopeful for the experience it can deliver but now that positive mind share it earned is really rubbing up against the fear of getting burned on it money-wise, and that just can't be the best mindset to go into a game like this with.

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@spraynardtatum: @crunchypickles: Agreed, it's encouraging to see people recognize the games that use subtler story telling techniques, but I do admit that when I find a game that is writing-heavy, if I think the writing is GOOD then I really don't mind it. People kind of tend to make a big hoopla about games not being novels, kind of like they harp about movies having to "show not tell" but i dunno, far as I see it games can be as movie or novel like as they want, all I care about is that I'm engaged.

@benny : yes I did play more of it, and I must agree, the writing really is pretty exceptional, esp. for a video game. Part of me has a gripe though with an aspect of it that is actually one of it's biggest strengths, which is just how OPEN it is. While this leads to a whole lot of variability in how you play, for a completionist like me it means starting a million different story threads at once, which can be a bit of a challenge to keep straight in your head after a while. I think I still prefer games with less opennes, but a stronger mainline narrative, ala Walking Dead.

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@rorie: Haha, right on, Rorie! Right I totally forgot about Alpha Protocol. Did the bugs and balance issues get addressed at all? I was really looking forward to it before it came out but the word of mouth on those issues kind of steered me away at the time.

@sooty: Right! Yakuza! I was actually impressed with the writing in it that I saw in the quick looks, I should totally give these games a try some time.

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@armaan8014: For sure. Here's the vid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xY1UjIRYsw .

Awesome responses here by the way. Already have Kentucky Route 0 which I will play soon. Same goes for Dark Souls. Played more Planescape, and it's getting pretty fantastic now. Already was intending to try Catherine and Journey sooner or later. Adding 999, Gome Home and Gemini Rue to the list of games I want to play.

Much as I loved Alan Wake's atmosphere and influences (Twin Peaks and Stephen King), I thought the story was a pretty big let down. Same goes for Dear Esther unfortunately... I did love the idea of walking around and having a story narrated to me but this particular execution just seemed more like a very bland than profound.

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Haha, it looks like a bunch of "Da Black Goku" fan art dudes got together to make an rpg. They have my full support!