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I don't want anything from games "journalism". They're games for fucks sake.

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I had no idea they both passed away on the same day. That's double tough. Thanks for sharing Patrick, and thank you Ryan Davis.

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I'm not on the forums too much to know about 3 and 4, but for 1, I think comments are necessary. This community has some pretty interesting discussions sometimes in the comments. 2, I fully agree with, if not an even longer period than a week.

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I go to the gym in the mornings after I wake up, so a shower is necessary before I go to work. Even if I didn't work out though, I'd still shower when I wake up. Gotta be clean for work. If I do any activities that get me dirty throughout the day, I'll shower before bed.

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Welcome guys, hopefully the drama will die out soon. Look forward to your content.

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Welcome to the new hires, I hope you enjoy your stay, and I look forward to seeing the content you guys will help create.

Briefly addressing the other issue. As an employer, when people react like that when they don't get a job they wanted, I thank the heavens I didn't hire them. Giant Bomb has a trend of trying to be drama free, which I'm okay with.

People shouldn't be dicks. Don't be dicks guys and gals. Also, don't generalize thousands of members off the actions of a few.

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I can sort of understand. I still plan on checking the site every couple of weeks as I do now, but I'm going to have to see some better premium content to justify renewing again. There's a definite lack of quality premium content. Which I completely understand is relative. I just don't find Jar Times and Q+A videos to be premium caliber. The only stuff I watch premium is UPF and the random videos Vinny does, which I sincerely hope he will keep doing.

Side note, who is going to be the cheerful person who still likes games that will sit in on quick looks? Because both Brad and Jeff almost seem to be done with excitement in games.

P.S. This isn't a "omg wtf happened to GiantBomb" post. Just hoping everything works out in the long run, I want to keep giving them my money.

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Love Gary, so I'm very happy for him. I can't say the same about his work however. I won't beat a dead horse, so I'll just say that I wish him luck, and I hope they don't screw up Star Wars anymore.

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I do lots of cycling and calisthenics.

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I totally forgot that was happening. I'm considering re-reading the books because it's been so long, but at the same time, I like being surprised.