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Downloaded it and played for about half an hour. I've never put much time in a game of this nature before (reminds me of the very brief time I've put into Xcom: Enemy Unknown) but I think it's cool so far. The game has already been on my radar since announcement and now because of the demo I will be getting it day 1.

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@xyzygy: oh man you are totally right. I just remember there really isnt much reason to travel the world once you reached a new location because you can warp there.

For the record I finished the game, but it's been a while.

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@onemanarmyy: I know right!? I played so much of that game not knowing that the song goes into a wicked shreadfest until one day I left the game on the map screen and made myself some food. I heard the song playing from my kitchen and I was like "O_O holy shit where did that guitar come from?!"

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@ajayraz said:

Welcome to the website giantbomb.com. I think it's a pretty alright website... though I must ask, do you own a pair of blue sneakers, or is it just one sneaker?

Or does he or she own 12 pairs of blue sneakers and decided to name himself after the 24th? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS WE SHOULD BE ASKING.

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@onemanarmyy: If Lost Odyssey had an actual overworld instead of a map select screen this would give Ni No Kuni a run for it's money (you gotta listen to the whole thing. It fucking rules)

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I gave Ni No Kuni an 8 hour chance to wow me and I just don't like it. While I do like how colorful the world is (that overworld map is gorgeous) and how much I love hearing Mr.Drippy talk, I honestly couldn't stand hearing Oliver's voice. The amount of times I had to hear him in every single battle saying the exact same opening and closing line was bad enough.

Also I'm not a fan of the combat system at all. Had this been turn based I bet I would like it way more, but a lot of my fights turned into wack things really fast or play a little more defensively by smacking a bit then switching to Oliver, healing, switch back and go at it again and I have long past gotten over the pokemon style of "collecting and leveling up specific monsters until I find better ones to fight for me" type gameplay.

Also while I will preface this statement by admitting I haven't played Dragon Quest VIII in quite some time I am certain in saying that I believe it to be a vastly superior game to Ni No Kuni.

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I hope Drew wins.

He needs to Do well, get fucked, then destroy everyone.

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Bravely Default.

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I'd rather listen to wresting talk then ever have to hear about Dota 2 or Destiny ever again and I don't even particularly like any of those subjects.

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This doesn't seem to be a sequel to Driveclub at all.