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Whatever costs less. Which would be physical for consoles and digital for PC.

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Given that this is the 9th (mainline) Assassin's Creed game I'm not surprised. Even my some of my friends who are massive fans of the game haven't been mentioning it at all.

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@jaypb08 said:

Have you already forgotten about last month's Tony Hawk?

Nothing about Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 is AAA.

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@hansolol: It being free Nova week certainly does not help either.

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So can anyone explain to me why you would think you were even playing as Big Boss from the start seeing as he doesn't have A) A giant metal horn sticking out of his head B) a bionic arm (from what I remember) and C) severally less face scarring than Venom Snake.

All of that more then anything lead me to believe we weren't playing as Big Boss.

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@blannir:Because even in the crossovers the P3 team stars in, the crossover itself feels "rooted" in the P4 environment. Arena took place in the TV World, for instance, not Tartarus Tower. And even Persona Q, which had the 2 teams more evenly represented, felt rooted in P4's school fair.

Given the ending of Persona 3, doesn't Tartarus not even exist anymore?

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They should add Bam Margera as a skater,


and automatically have "bend my dick to my ass" play.

*clicks on link* "Oh god my ears"

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I would imagine the Xbox 360 versions are the way to go as they are with just about every multiplatform release. THUG and THUG 2 should also be playable (although I'm not certain on the state of the game in terms of emulation on 360, I know THPS 4 works really well) on Xbox 360.

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Now only if they release THUG2 in a way that we can easily get so most of us can actually experience this.