The Wii U, Wii me? No, Wii U!

Okay, so we can all agree that the name sounds terrible. On paper it might make sense but to actually say to your friends, hey let's play some "Me you" is just kind of weird.... So let's just put that past us as we look at what it this hardware actually is. A tabloid-like controller and a Wii-like console but with better graphics. Doesn't sound very exciting when you say it like that BUT what Nintendo showed at the Press Conference is quite frankly amazing. They are so daring when it comes to innovation and bring us new ways to play Video games. That's what I love about Nintendo. 
Sure the Wii was, well a family oriented game system, and did well on those grounds along with the occasional "hardcore gamer" title that did ok. But with the idea that you still will be able to do this on the WiiU + more with the new controller just sounds fantastic, I love how they incorporate the old Wii stuff, so you still have use for it with you family and casual gamer friends. While the new controller brings more of that And the fact that it has all the functionalities a  'normal' controller would have. I do really hope it is comfortable enough to hold for longer periods of time. 
If it is I can't imagine the awesome possibilities this give game developers to come up with amazing stuff, like the few features we saw in the presentations. I'm also very curies what the specs are for this system, from what they showed right on par with xbox360/ps3 (and it's still a prototype) so it looks quite promesing, but Nintendo never REALLY has been about graphics as a main priority (hence the innovation in controllers). 
I think the thing that appeals most to me, from my perspective, is that when my girlfriend or kids come in to watch some tv I can say "NP, I'm just in a mission/quest but I'll finish it on my CONTROLLER". Simply the idea of that is just insane. I mean it STREAMS the console data to your controller, that is very, very cool. Let's hope it keeps solid FPS and no latency drops. 
I'd say bring it on, so I can throw away my dusty Wii but keep all the hardware and bring in this fantastic new piece of innovation from Nintendo, I am officially hooked.


The next BIG thing!

Yes, after seeing Ryan and Vinny do a quick look on this game (I never heard about this game before) I just had to play it! And oh my gosh this game looks superb. It reminds me of Monkey Island 3, but a lot sharper of course. And when the cut-scene comes suddenly you are reminded that it is actually 3D, absolutely stunning. I'm getting into the story quite well and the characters so far are quite likable....

I really miss these classic point and click games, it seems that most people, for some reason, are not into it as much anymore. But I think there is room for it on todays market. I know Telltale brought out some classic adventure games with new twists, in episodic content format. (I loved Monkey Island) but the fact that I had to wait every time for a new episode to come out somehow really put me off. That and the fact that most episodes where way to easy. I mean, it's the point of a adventure game to get completely lost in the puzzles and game world. Until you finally figure it out.

If you are fan of those old Adventure games (Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Sam n Max etc.) then you should try this out. It's a classic point-click adventure game that needs to be seen!

I'll probably write a review when I'm finished with it so stay tuned for that.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Hey people, 
Recently (out of boredom for WoW and other games) I decided to buy Battlefield: Bad Company 2, because some of my friends had it. I haven't played a FPS for a very, very long time but I remember I loved the first Battlefield game, a lot! 
I really do think this game is awesome, the levelling/unlocking system keeps me engaged and playing with 3 other friends in a squad is freaking awesome. If you haven't tried this game yet, but thinking about it then do so, there are over 2000 servers alive (at least on PC) and hardly any cheaters, at least for as far as I can tell! 


Cataclysm Cinematic Intro

  Hey people, 
Blizzard Entertainment recently released the the Cataclysm (Blizzards 3rd and new expansion for World of Warcraft) Cinematic Intro movie. My reaction to this intro was as always with Blizzard Cinematics, AWESOME!!!

I'm definitely looking forward to this amazing Expansion pack, what do you guys think!??

Need for Speed

So I've downloaded Need for Speed World a couple of days ago. Haven't played it much because of the birth for my daughter. But so far I quite like it. For some reason the racing feels like Need for Speed 3, which is my all-time favorite racing game. 
Anyway, gonna play some more while I wait for the release of WoW: Cataclsym.  So stay tuned on more thoughts on NFS World!
I will also soon get my GB subscription and then i'll feel part of this family again! :D 


A new experience.

[It has been a while since I wrote my last blog post and I never really expect anyone to read it but hell, I love this site and I want to share this with you guys. :)] 
MMO games have been growing over the past years, World of Warcraft (WoW) being the most popular one in the western world and by that giving a new standard in gaming. Many other games followed trying to compete or better WoW without much success. Personally I was introduced to MMO(rpg) gaming by Blizzard when WoW came out and since then I played that, Lord of the Rings Online and now Aion: Tower of Eternity. I regret to say that I never played Everquest (II), Final Fantasy Online or any of those older titles who made MMO's to what they are today. 
I gave up on WoW a while back because I finally got real fed up with Blizzard and their constant nerfing of the game. But also the whole community changed in the game, people are mostly arrogant and you are either a noob or 'pro'/'imba'. Also younger people flooding the game, whining on the forums and thus changing the game. The game went from awesome, competitive and giving you the feeling you made a difference to repetitive, boring, easy and dull. Giving different modes to an instance 10/25 man and normal/heroic was the biggest mistake yet made. Gear looks the same in every version of an instance making you feel like yet another person on the server who has it. By making the game to easy I mean removing atunements, giving away free epics (so to speak) by making then drop everywhere, you don't really have to work to get your purples and that makes the whole process of getting your character from nothing to superior, to epic really easy and thus dull. Especially the new "gearscore" add-on shows what way this game is going... It is not what it used to be nor should be. 
It is one thing that Blizzard is trying to make the game more accessible to different players but making everything a walk-through is not the way to go, then again I don't think Blizzard cares anymore. Anyway, this game was fun but no more! Time for another game to take over and I have been trying to look for other MMO's that are already out or coming soon. 
3 Games came up and 1 of them I am playing right now is Aion, a second is Star Wars:  the Old Republic (in development by BioWare)and the last one is called Copernicus (in development by 38 Studios). Of course Copernicus has little to no info about the game but for some reason I'm really interested by the concept of it and the whole team behind it (Rich Gallup!!). 
Aion: Tower of Eternity is a MMORPG that came out last year and has been getting little to no attention on most gaming sites for whatever reason. It is a game developed by NCSoft and is trying to compete with World of Warcraft and believe me it is going the right way. I am level 25 at the moment and I just entered the Abyss (read the lore for info on it) and I am blown away by the games art, play style, lore and community. People in Aion are actually nice, helpful and awesome; kind of like in Vanilla/TBC WoW.  
I'm blown away by the features the game has out of the box and the way the interface looks. Also impressive are the upcoming features, by reading the 1.9 patch notes, seeing the 2.0 and 3.0 'visions' video. The game is going to evolve so much and in the right way, not nerfing to much, not changing to much but just making it look/feel better. Bettering interface options and game play but keeping the effort you have to put in things... I'm very optimistic for Aions future and its awesome community. I will write a review on the site as soon as I am level 50 (max level at the moment) and feel like I played enough to have the proper materials/info to write a review. 
As for Copernicus, we'll have to wait for info on the game, but also pretty excited about that! And for SWtOR, I'm hoping for a beta invite, but the game looks very very promising as well!
For all the WoW players on Giant Bomb... Have you played since Vanilla? Are you annoyed with the game, bored but still playing because of friends and/or that last bit of loot? But feel like you are up for something new? Aion is definitely worth a try. But I advice you to STOP your WoW account for a while (1 to 3 months) and play some other games so you have a fresh mind when you play a new MMO, because it is so easy to judge something to fast because you are so stuck in another World (of Warcraft).... 
Hope you enjoyed the read! 


I so played Warcraft III today


I pulled out this "old" classic today and played the single player campaign, something I haven't done in ages. I lately played more old games, especially old adventures like Sam 'n Max "hit the road", Full Throttle and Monkey Island 3 "The curse of Monkey Island" but even Kings Quest VI are games I now and then check back into, SCUMMVM makes this possible.. mostly.

Anyway, I played warcraft III "reign of chaos" and realized AGAIN how awesome it is to play games you haven't played for a long while but still were the talk of the month/year back at it's release date. The quality of these games are just absurd but I also realized that if you look at a current game people mostly first look at the graphics instead of gameplay. My point is, these games can compete with some games on todays market with quality and design without looking at the graphics (But to be honest, those old adventures have a truely unique graphic style.

It's just funny how some people would say when I play DotT "Dude that was/is an awesome game, rememeber this and that" or the complete oposite like "Why would you bother with such an old ugly looking game". I guess the difference is where "new" gamers have no sense of history when it comes to the game industry and have no respect for what came out years ago. In my opinion these people should be locked up in a room and start with some of the first games on the amiga and atari go all the way to current consoles/pc/mac games and then talk again.

Oh well, I guess I just realized how happy I am my father had a amiga with shit loads of games when I grew up and I have played these games.

Lucas Arts should have never canceled some of their new adventure games or sold them for epesodic content. Because it is cool in a way but a good adventure game needs to be big, long and frustrating at some points for me. All they do now is StarWars... yay.

KABOOOOOM... ehh. The end of today's post.



Say "NO" to bullshit sites

Hey people!

This will be my first blog post on GB and I doubt a lot or even IF someone will read this but I'll write it anyway. Everyday the first thing I do is log into to check out new posts, video's, blogs or whatnot. I'm very satisfied with the way things are going around here and I hope it will stay this way.

Probably like a lot of people I was a very active GameSpot user and I must admit I check the site daily for new updates or old video's I want to see. However today I made my final decision I will not EVER go there again. The fact that they control posts makes me angry, you cannot express what you want to say about a game, even if it has very little to do with the movie you are posting on. Gamespot editors are boring and take gaming way to serious. Gaming is supposed to be fun we are supposed to enjoy ourselves and joke/laugh when it comes to this. Like the booty preview and alot of video's on GB are just real, something that will never  (happen) again on Gamespot. I remember a year or 2 ago GameSpot was huge becuase of the editors, they did an awesome job reviewing, joking and making E3 video's worth watching.

Let's say NO a site like GameSpot, say NO because we have a right to speak and express, say NO because gaming is supposed to be a social and FUN thing not a job that you have to take very serious and feel like you cannot joke or express yourself because then you are "the kid".

Oh well, I guess that's what I wanted to say.. Just got really pissed at GameSpot today and not going there again!

Thank you GiantBomb people, not only jeff, ryan, brad and vinny but all of the people behind this site... THANK YOU for freeing gamers and the way they want to gather information and discuss about games.

Oh and btw, sorry I had to use the word GameSpot so much. Don't wanna make the site that dirty.