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Jeff and Vinny quick looks have always been my favorite since Ryan passed away. But I'm very excited for you guys nonetheless. Looking forward to see new faces, but ehh, just bring Rich Gallup back, button mashing and yep... *wakes up*.

Good look GB, make shit happen! :D I got your back.

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I haven't checked GB for the last month, because I was on vacation... I'm really stunned by this news... When someone says Giant Bomb, Ryan is certainly one of the first things you think about, the host of many shows and one of the few to actually make me laugh out loud behind my PC.

My thoughts go out to the whole GB crew, his family and closest friends. Please dedicate your time properly to honor and mourn this amazing person. I can't even imagine what you are going through right now...

Rest in Peace mister Davis, thank you for your amazing influence in my life when it comes to games, always reminding me that it is just about fun.


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It's quite simple. Sony didn't see a reason to belittle consumers with ridiculous DRM shit, keeping the options open as much as possible. They didn't even have the whole trading games things as a big thing in their show until MS got so much hate for their insane corporate decisions...

But a company (Microsoft) that has so LITTLE clue of what consumers actually want decided to go with a system they thought was "good" and went with it, now they see what consumers actually want and they are backpedaling. Now this is a good thing for consumers, but it says a LOT about the company itself and honestly it really should just be boycotted into the ground. A company that things it can get away with pulling such shit should stay away and find another product to sell.

I'm not saying Sony is perfect (I owned a 360 over a ps3) but at least this time around they seem genuine and actually sort of care about us as gamers. I think that should be rewarded. I know I'm going for a PS4 for the next generation!

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Giantbomb, best video of the year! Love it.

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I do think detachable keyboards are the future of these devises and that laptops and tablets will become one. I really hate having both devises. And end up never really using my tablet because of that. Just a useless gimmick. Everything that my tablet does my phone/laptop can do as well if not better.

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That shit going to flop.

No one is going to waste more money on a MS tablet than buy an iPad. Google tried it already and they still haven't made a dent.

Good luck with that, just like how Microsoft took out Apple and Google in the handset market!

I think this comment needs to be preserved for future laughs.

How's Windows Phone 7 doing with Google and Apple?

I heard a lot of good stuff about the latest Windows phones actually. The problem with it is that most people are blinded to what's out there, they have this idea of more expensive has to be better and "Apple" is that brand. Not to mention "everyone else has it" so they tend to go with that "safe" choice.

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Most over hyped game of 2012. I mean it's good but not THAT good.

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4 million a month? That's a bit on the extreme end of things. And I'm not sold on the June 2013 date - they'll release an MMO in a year from now? Making MMOs takes a ton of time, and without extensive marketing, they fail. So either they've done something monumentally stupid - make an MMO in secret without telling anyone or advertising it - or they barely started work which means there's no way they'll get a good MMO out in a year's time.

Me thinks someone is trying to string along some investors and partners until it's time to jump ship. The 2013 date was probably told to him and him alone and was just a false date to deceive him - a State Governor's not going to know much about video games, so he probably believed it.

They have been working on the MMO since 2006, read the whole article:) Far before the single player.