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Day one baby, all day, every day

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Really bummed out about what happened tonight. We're all rooting for you guys. Hope everything works out OK. If there's any site that can work with with it's back against the wall, it's GIant bomb. I'm sure the crew can still salvage this E3 and put on something great as always.

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Some of you guys commenting on this article are really gross. How is getting a female perspective on something radical feminism? Stop being so angry.

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You and Jeff should do a wrestling podcast.

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Been playing a smuggler, will ask for invite on my next log.

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@Desanvium said:

Small Update: After a few hours, it seems that switching my DNS to Google did speed up the loading times of all the movies. Might conclude that it's a Time Warner thing. But honestly, I don't have enough info to make that assessment. However, if you have Time Warner, you're in the NY area, and this is happening to you, switching your DNS to Google might resolve the problem.

NYC resident with time warner here also having this problem. I can also confirm that switching to Google's DNS did solve it somewhat. I can play videos on low with little to no stopping during the day, can bump it up to HD after midnight. It's really strange that this problem seems to be mostly affecting people from this specific area with this specific ISP. Time Warner has really been shitting in my dresser lately, first no HBO GO and now no Whiskey sites. Maybe if time warner starts hearing complaints they might look into it?

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I'd love to play with some gb users! I'll PST one of you guys when I make a character on that server.

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 Is this the place where I get my chinstrap?

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I think ubisoft's press conferences are dumb.

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A lot of shots of john riding horses at different camera angles.