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Yeah man! Roll some blunts, grab a couple forties of Natty Ice, grease up your hair, throw your rattiest shirt on, pop some Insane Clown Posse in the CD player, lay back in your easy chair and relax as the melodies soothe your soul!

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It looks like he's been shot in the back of the head. Or just peacefully asleep. Hopefully the latter.

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Sometimes, it really sucks to be on the East Coast.

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Seriously, it's like the dudes at Infinity Ward saw what Bungie did and thought the same as us, what the fuck good is a helmet we can't wear. So they decided let's give the people something that's AWESOME and functional. NIGHT VISION GOGGLES! I love Inifinity Ward, and that's why it's the only game that I will pay full price for. Haven't paid full price for a game since the Halo 3 Legendary Edition (Which is now 50 bucks at Newbury Comics, oh well).
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I wish I had more time to play this weekend. I'm on an 8 mile hike with my Dad on Saturday, and then Sunday I work until 8. But with the time I have, it'll probably be spent playing Worms 2: Armageddon. If I can I'll add in some Bioshock.

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Zardoz is totally fucked up. But I did like the puking guns.

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Hey everybody! If you read my previous blog entry here you might have noticed that I made a blog about videogames. If you haven't, well then, you're probably one of millions that don't know yet. But that's why I'm writing you right now. I'm trying to get the word out about my FANTASTIC AND ACTION-PACKED videogame blog called Dodge This Review! I really want to become a videogame journalist and thanks to many of my friends and family, I have created a blog to begin my INTENSE AND EXPLOSION FILLED career! So please, check it out at 


and comment directly on any blog post, or PM/Email me your ideas, suggestions, and criticisms at osmokes@gmail.com. Absolutely (almost) everything will be appreciated. If you really like what you see, I can email you every blog post so you'll be the first to read them when you check your email. I post a blog every other day with any news, gaming experiences, reviews and anything you can think up that has to do with games. If you want to see something talked about, all you gotta do is email or PM me and I'll add whatever I can.

The biggest and best thing you guys can do is just tell everyone you know, because even if they don't play videogames, chances are they know someone who does.

So what's it called?

Dodge This Review!

What's it about?

Videogames, silly!

What's the web address?


When do you add new posts?

Every other day

Who should you tell about it?


Thanks a bunch everyone and with your help, I'll be out there one day giving you the updates to your favorite games! 
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I've always wondered how exactly Giantbomb gets paid to do what they do? I really doubt they have day jobs when even I a person who works only 1 day a week can barely keep up with all the gaming news that comes out everyday.

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Big Lebowski reference for the WIN! I fucking love that movie man. It really ties my DVD library together.

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This is the way coolest footage of E3 ever!

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