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@Kamasama said:

" @jakob187: I love that sketch. It comes with the typical exaggerations of SNL, but other than that Ben is pretty on the mark. "

Well, there's more to Olbermann than his occasional rant.  He can be pretty comedic and even mildly giddy at times, though going by the sketch you'd think he was always angry (which again, he can be, but usually only during Special Comments and similar sections)
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Say what you will about Olbermann, but I almost think he's a necessary voice at this point, considering some of the downright scary shit being said by certain rightwing pundits.

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@Win said:
A new challenger approaches - M. Bison (Bison)
Alright that make me laugh
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I voted Dreamcast, if not just because of the VMU

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I'll "lol" to that

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Continuous flow of content + The social element

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@Win:  I thought Gattaca was surprisingly good.
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bahaha MONK!  I get it!

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Nice office.  Brad's rollin' out the content today.

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The Slim looks quite a bit better, but the lack of backwards compatibility (I have a PS2, but it's still inconvenient) keeps me apprehensive.  That, and I don't really know too many online, avid PS3 players.