Ossi's GiantBomb Community Steam Sale Giveaway!

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Hey GiantBomb Community!
As some of you might have known there has been a huge Steam Summer Sale going on the past few days with crazy ass deals! And throughout the forums I've seen people mentioning being low on cash or having bought too much already and so on. So I've decided that since I own 80% of what's on sale anyway I would give something to the GB Community.
I will chose 5 people at random over the course of the day depending on their comment or just for whatever reason I feel like. I will then post the winners here at the end of the giveaway.  READ THE RULES

  1. One game per person. ( Includes DLC / Expansion Packs. If they come in a package that is fine. )
  2. Games that are $5 or under in SALE PRICE.
  3. To prevent pointless spamming, post something related to the steam sale or something amusing for this giveaway.
  4. DO NOT POST YOUR STEAM NAME HERE, You will be contacted via PM on GB.
  5. Upon winning AND BEING CONTACTED BY ME, you will need to provide your steam name so I can add you to my friends list and the game you desire.
  6. I will provide a code in the PM to the winners that you must relay back to me on steam so I can verify that it is indeed you.
  7. Any deviation from these rules and you will be disqualified and another person will have a chance at winning.
DAILY DEALS:  (edit)
If the winner is contacted and responds in time, they may chose a daily deal. Whatever is available for $5 or under at the time of the purchase is fair game. 

The giveaway will end when I chose 5 winners. I'll keep it open for the the rest of today and might let it sit until tomorrow depending on how little or how many posts are accumulated. I will edit this post to reflect the winners and end of the giveaway. 
  1.  emkeighcameron
  2.  Coombs
  3.  nick_verissimo
  4.  Demyx
  5.  Durandir
All the winners have been selected and will be contacted & revealed later today ( DONE SLEEPING! ) to claim their FREE Steam game! 

**Once again, all winners will be contacted via GiantBomb PM. You will need to provide me with your Steam user name ( so I may add you to friends ) as well as the requested game. I will send a unique code for each user to identify and confirm themselves on Steam that they are that GiantBomb user. **

Thanks to everyone that posted amusing comments and for all the kinds words. 

And THAT was E3.  <>

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XBOXALYPSE - What you missed!

 Heyooo duders!
I've spent the better part of my day editing, rendering, and uploading the GiantBomb's live stream XBOXALYPSE to YouTube so that those of you who could not make it or stay for the entire 6 hour + stream could enjoy some of the good moments of the event.
I've condensed the entire 3 hours and 9 minutes of what I recorded ( starting around 1am PDT  2am MST (my time zone) ) to what I thought was the best moments of the event. And lets be honest - a lot of it was tired guys shootin' dudes in Halo 2 - so I only archived on YouTube the moments where Vinny was playing the guitar and the GB crew were singing songs.
It is worth mentioning that I originally had parts of the stream recorded along with the chat room. But during some moments ustream was having slight connection issues so particular areas in some of the videos might get a "lag spike" in kind to what livestreams usually do. Please don't point this out - it's out of my control.
ALSO, I opted out in the end to have the video show since after my initial encoding of the video the image was artifacting the livestream video making it unwatchable and the chat  room was having this weird ghosting effect making it unreadable. So to prevent an eyesore I opted to just have a GB themed still image accompanied with made up titles of the songs that I thought might add to the humor or describe what they were saying.
ALSO-ALSO, the audio in spots where Vinny plays the guitar really loudly or too close to the microphone - along with their singing - may cause some static to be heard. I did my best to level out the volumes so that they won't blow your eardrums BUT keep in mind that it may be loud depending on if you use speakers or headphones.
And finally, the video is divided into three parts for ease of watching, so that each segment does not cut off unpredictably and to cooperate with YouTube's 10min limit.
So without further adieu, ENJOY WHAT YOU MISSED! ( Code Name : Vinny on Tour! )
PART 1/3

  PART 2/3
  PART 3/3 (FINAL)

I did it...

...for the points. Giant Bomb's new Quest system is awesome! Can't wait till the site speeds up to get my real quest on!


Video game collection, full steam ahead!

After years of accumulating a collection on steam I've decided to make a short video of the games I have. A lot of you may be in the same boat as me - but every time there is a sale on Steam I'm compelled to buy, if not for the sole purpose of satisfying my soul to the prospect of buying a multitude of games for prices you would never see in a retail store. And such is my compulsive behavior that over those years I have collected well over 100 games both new and old, bad and good - but most importantly - cheap and plenty.

If anyone else wants to share their steam collection, I'd love to see it. And god help you if you have more than I do.

My slower speed tour!

It's been a while since my last blog, but I finally got off my ass to make another speed tour video of my room! I tried not to talk too much about the games I did show because I plan on making separate videos for each console for my gaming collection, but hey - I do what I can!
I've got a lot of games to catch up on and finish, especially before the big ones hit like God of War III and Final Fantasy XIII.

Also, if any of you guys have a video made for your collection/gaming area I'd love to see it. Try and avoid just putting pictures since I believe there is already a thread for that somewhere on the forums.

Enter my cave...

HEY GIANT BOMB! ( did that title come out wrong? )
For the past couple months I've been slowly working on a website for myself, a type of blog / news site pertaining to mostly my interests in the gaming industry but not necessarily limited to (at least that is the plan). So now I am close enough to the final product and I think it's a good time for me to spread the word!
For all you people that follow anything I do on youtube via SF4, other game play, or even those that tuned into my Aion stream not too long ago are welcome to partake me in my adventures of world domin-ahem. The site will feature a forum in the not to distant future sometime after the site's launch. So as of this posting it's still under development.
Without further adieu I present you with Bob's Cave!


Aion Stream, get with it!

What is up bomb, I've decided to stream part of the closed beta that is now running until August 3rd. I'm running this off of a Web cam since direct feed of my desktop proved fatal to my poor computer.

I'm currently just streaming the video with no audio. Enjoy whatever lulz or fail this stream might bring.


EDIT: At first there was no audio because I was talking with a couple friends on vent and didn't want our voices to go through. But I decided to make it a full fledged look at the game.

EDIT2:  I will be doing another stream in about 1 - 2 hours on the Scout class. Currently  9:00pm MST stay tuned.  Also if you would like to stalk me on twitter  you may, http://twitter.com/Ossi101

EDIT3: As of this edit, the Aion Scout Stream is now LIVE! Hit up the link up top.

EDIT4: As of this edit the Aion Scout Stream is OVER, YOU MISSED IT?! It's ok : here's the archive : CLICK
Unfortunately you can't see the live chat so I'm talking to myself :P


Get out of my room!

I woke up early and was hella bored so I decided to make a super quick speed tour of my room and all my games ( which the video needs to be pause to view clearly). This video's purpose is more for where everything is rather than what I have.

The camera is shaky so if you get motion sickness easily, watch out!


Steam collection

A snowy prelude.

What is up Giant Bomb!?

I just released the sixth segment of my Majora's Mask run through, going at 37 episodes strong now totaling at approximately 6 hours of pure game play videos!

I just recently got some mic stands to properly setup a podcast environment and every video from now on will feature exclusive commentary by either me alone, or another friend. Featuring this week ( and last week but it was a short segment ) is my friend Alex! He's helping me have another voice on the air to provide some hopefully interesting and stupid silly commentary that people may or may not want to listen to!

Starting you all off here is the first episode in the segment!
And about 40 - 50seconds in my mom interrupts and gets somewhat nervous that she is now on youtube, let the basement jokes fly! Enjoy!


Also, if you like what I'm doing here you can checkout my channel for other game play videos that I plan to do in the future and to watch everything in HD (but not limited to)! Checkout the play list tab at the top of my channel to see the entire Zelda run through that you might have missed!  HERE!

First Dungeon is Go!

So I just made it to the first dungeon in Majora's Mask. I'm now finding out how the difficulty in this game is seriously higher than most other Zelda games. But hey - I'm sticking with it and I managed to get it done in what I hope was reasonable time. It took me so long to figure out how to kill those fucken turtles and it was super simple. And I clearly remember going through the same trial and error process when I was younger... almost as if I've never changed :(

Anyways, here is part 20 of my ongoing run through of the game - more on my channel under my playlist section. GO!