XBOXALYPSE - What you missed!

 Heyooo duders!
I've spent the better part of my day editing, rendering, and uploading the GiantBomb's live stream XBOXALYPSE to YouTube so that those of you who could not make it or stay for the entire 6 hour + stream could enjoy some of the good moments of the event.
I've condensed the entire 3 hours and 9 minutes of what I recorded ( starting around 1am PDT  2am MST (my time zone) ) to what I thought was the best moments of the event. And lets be honest - a lot of it was tired guys shootin' dudes in Halo 2 - so I only archived on YouTube the moments where Vinny was playing the guitar and the GB crew were singing songs.
It is worth mentioning that I originally had parts of the stream recorded along with the chat room. But during some moments ustream was having slight connection issues so particular areas in some of the videos might get a "lag spike" in kind to what livestreams usually do. Please don't point this out - it's out of my control.
ALSO, I opted out in the end to have the video show since after my initial encoding of the video the image was artifacting the livestream video making it unwatchable and the chat  room was having this weird ghosting effect making it unreadable. So to prevent an eyesore I opted to just have a GB themed still image accompanied with made up titles of the songs that I thought might add to the humor or describe what they were saying.
ALSO-ALSO, the audio in spots where Vinny plays the guitar really loudly or too close to the microphone - along with their singing - may cause some static to be heard. I did my best to level out the volumes so that they won't blow your eardrums BUT keep in mind that it may be loud depending on if you use speakers or headphones.
And finally, the video is divided into three parts for ease of watching, so that each segment does not cut off unpredictably and to cooperate with YouTube's 10min limit.
So without further adieu, ENJOY WHAT YOU MISSED! ( Code Name : Vinny on Tour! )
PART 1/3

  PART 2/3
  PART 3/3 (FINAL)