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This is great news but the timing is bad. They haven't given us much time to make travel plans and it takes place in the middle of the Evo season when everyone already has other trips planned. The Winter Championship is just 3 weeks after Final Round, a major almost every top player is attending. I live within driving distance, if I didn't there is no way I could go. I cannot buy two plane tickets in a month. Even then it's going to be a pain to go because i'll have to take off more time from work I wasn't planning to. I might anyway once I see the payout but I expect the turnout to be lower than it should. I hope the turnout is big enough to justify other events and they don't blame the MK scene for not supporting the game.

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It's my favorite game ever.

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Jax and Cyrax are capable of killing you if they use 3 bars of meter. Kabal still has a block infinite but it's unfeasibly hard.

I've been a tournament player since release and I've been very happy with the game's balance. Character diversity at the highest level of play is good and all of the cast is at least solid. Even the mid tier characters have their dirt. Most of the complaints have always been exaggerated. At his peak Kung Lao was hyped to be god tier, yet Perfect Legend and Justin Wong were the only Lao's winning and between the two won 3 majors.

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If they made a better practice mode I'd rebuy this.

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As a Kitana player I don't like fighting Kenshi, Reptile, Mileena, or Kabal. A top level Kabal might be her worst matchup. Freddy might be bad but i don't know because no one plays him.

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The input bug is the only truly inexcusable thing in MK9. Otherwise it's a good game. It's balanced regardless of the high damage resets, although I do want them patched(and it sounds like they will be). Don't know what loss of place in FGC means. It's still doing good numbers at tournaments. It will probably be a featured game at Evo 2012.

Jax is great. IMO he is probably the best rushdown character in the game, superior to Johnny Cage or Sonya. His pressure is nearly as sick as Cage but he has better tools vs. the zoners.

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A dual shock 2 with the Etokki converter.