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It's good my only gripe is that your not that tough. So just messing around and doing mayhem you get killed quickly.

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It kinda has too because you can buy full ps3 game on playstation network I own an xbox and if I could not bring my digital content to the next system I would be upset.

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The scope is not that bad it's the prep the day before that sucks. I have to get one done about every 6 months you dread the night before. You are knocked out when they do the scope

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No don't feel cheated but I was gong to pick up the couple of total war games that I don't have but I fell asleep and by the time I woke up they were not on sale for 3 bucks anymore still got race 07 for 83 cents

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I have been on the fence about this game because far cry 2 made me sick and playing on a 360 I cant really fine tune a lot of settings

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hey you can take me out of the club gave the game to my brother in law GT OSUZOO08

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I am speechless that was great

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I have all of the CoH because of a steam glitch from last year but now I have them at least in my purchase history plus all the other games for less than 6 bucks can't beat that.

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I enjoyed playing as Haythem @gaminghooligan said:

@Blackout62 said:

Soooo... Hands up, who's up for a game where you play as Haythem?

*Raises hand*

*raises hand*

give me a prequel, that would be awesome...

I enjoyed playing as Haythem more than Connor or Desmond and that ending was bad it set it up like you were going to have a choice and then the game makes it for you. And the choice it makes feels more Templar than Assassin it goes against everything the game "teaches" you that freedom is more important than order. And then in the end Desmond decides to essentially enslave the human population. IMO one of the worst endings in a game in a long time.